A few rules when moving master branches to Qt6

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Fri Sep 15 20:53:52 BST 2023

Hi all,

in order to reduce the burden on us (translation team), as we need to move the
translation to a different branch, I kindly ask all of you to respect a few
simple rules when moving the master branch to a repository to Qt6 only:

1- preferibly send a merge request to sysadmin/repo-metadata mentioning the
localization team, and after getting a proper review, please wait for us
(translation) to merge it and move the translations at the right time

2- if you commit directly to sysadmin/repo-metadata, please do it between 5.00
UTC and 16.00 UTC: we can't always ensure to be around to handle the
translations before scripty runs.

3- it would be better if those changes would be avoided over the weekend. If
in doubt, please ping us and see if we are around.

Rule number 2 is the one I'd like to have more strictly followed, the others
are more "nice to have".



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