KDE Gear 23.08.1 packages available for packagers

Heiko Becker heiko.becker at kde.org
Tue Sep 12 22:39:22 BST 2023

Hello Jean-Baptiste Mardelle,

On Tuesday, 12 September 2023 16:36:21 CEST, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle wrote:
> On Dienstag, 12. September 2023 11:46:23 CEST Heiko Becker wrote:
>> tarballs are available at the usual place under
>> "stable/release-service/23.08.1".
>> Please report any issues, release is planned next Thursday.
> Thanks for your work. A regression causing major issues on 
> project opening was 
> fixed this morning, but just after your packaging. Is it 
> possible to respin the 
> kdenlive package to include the last 2 commits from this 
> morning, which means 
> updating to :
> 5cb9fbbdef71563da856614537cfc10fd333e9b9


Git SHA1: 5cb9fbbdef71563da856614537cfc10fd333e9b9
SHA256: 4bd61786ccdc7c28ea4bede4476c30e2bc1270c85068c8112043b0e78b390eb2  


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