Frameworks / Plasma/ Gear Release Schedule Plan

christoph at christoph at
Sun Sep 10 18:50:48 BST 2023

On 2023-09-09 13:57, Luigi Toscano wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> yes, good point.
>>>> Just a technical question: if we do this after that period, what is
>>>> the process to do it for an application belonging to Gear?
>>>> Will it just be sufficient e.g. for Kate to drop the Qt 5 variants 
>>>> in
>>>> ds
>>>> and
>>>> heads
>>>> and require KF 6 + Qt 6 in the CMake files or is there additional 
>>>> stuff
>>>> that
>>>> needs updates to avoids one breaks stuff?
>>> My guess is what you are describing plus updating things in 
>>> repo-metadata, i
>>> can think of
>>> dependencies/logical-module-structure
>>>   to update the branch info (i.e. kf5-qt5 won't be master anymore, i 
>>> guess
>>> point it to the latest stable branch)
>>> dependencies/dependency-data-kf6-qt6
>>>   to update the dependency info
>>>   But this is autogenerated by Nico scripts nowadays so... maybe not? 
>>> or prod
>>> him to run the script?
>>> projects/*/*/i18n.json
>>>   to update the i18n branch information
>>> Anything else I am missing?
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for the additional pointers.
>> Given no one did seem to oppose so far, I would consider to switch 
>> Kate to Qt
>> 6 in master next Wednesday and start the bit Qt 6 run :)
> When you switch a branch to qt6, please remember to ping the 
> translation team
> because we need to move the translations. Probably the best way is to 
> mention
> the translation team in the merge request to sysadmin/repo-metadata.git 
> which
> updates the content of the i18n.json file.

Thanks for the hint.

Just to be sure, perhaps I missed the docs, what would be needed in

Now we have:

{"trunk": "none", "stable": "none", "stable_kf5": "release/23.08", 
"trunk_kf5": "master"}

Would it be something like:

{"trunk": "master", "stable": "none", "stable_kf5": "release/23.08", 
"trunk_kf5": "none"}


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