Frameworks / Plasma/ Gear Release Schedule Plan

David Edmundson david at
Mon Sep 4 17:50:45 BST 2023

Following on from the last Akademy we checked where we were with our
development progress in a meeting and settled on the following plan
for all 3 major parts:

 - In KDE Gear master will be open for Qt6 code to land for those
ready to move. Not all apps need to port.

 - The KDE Gear release will move by 2 months to allow for the extra
time needed for testing initial Qt6 changes

 - An Alpha will be made in November  (a soft freeze in Plasma terms)

 - Betas/RCs will be made throughout December and January (3 releases,
3 weeks apart)

 - Final release of all 3 major parts in sync in February

Due to the delay of KDE Gear by an additional patch release of 23.08
will be made.

David Edmundson

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