Frameworks 6 alpha

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Tue Oct 31 19:41:32 GMT 2023

We chatted about the alpha release due next Wednesday in the Frameworks
meeting today.

>From my notes:

- Frameworks would like do be part of this release

- Nico F, Alex S, David E are release spods

- There's not been any work on doing the tooling.  There's a desire to move
to releaseme for tooling.  Jonathan uses this plus a load of supporting
scripts for Plasma and will look at adapting that for Frameworks and come
up with a proposal

- Plasma would like to take over release of plasma-framework, kwayland and
kactivities and that presumably means also kactivities-stats.  There was
discussion on the problem of moving the gitlab entries for this while 5
releases are still ongoing so it's probably best to just leave that for now.

- oxygen-icons5 tar should be renamed oxygen-icons (again probably leave
gitlab repo renaming until later)
- We didn't discuss it but kirigami2 tar should also be renamed to kirigami

Does that seem right?

Anything else?

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