KDE Gear "6.0" status update: all 40 games & 2 libs now Qt6-only in master

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Sun Oct 1 17:50:51 BST 2023


just a quick heads-up to keep more people in the loop:

all the 40 game apps & 2 game libs covered by KDE Gear starting today are now 
Qt6-only in their master branches. And thus can/will be released based on Qt6/
KF6 in the KDE Gear "6.0" 24.02 release.

So the section "Games" can be checked off WRT Qt6 porting for KDE Gear.

For libkdegames I plan to use the window of opportunity with API/ABI changes 
to consolidate some things, e.g.
* Rename Kg* classes to KGame*, to iron out some historic artifacts
* Split-off QWidgets API into separate library,
  to prepare more QML work in the years to come


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