Change to release flows for non-centrally released projects

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Sat Nov 11 21:04:37 GMT 2023

Hi all,

For some time now the workflow for independently released KDE software
(that is, projects outside of Frameworks, Plasma and Gear) has been to
upload it to and then file a Sysadmin ticket
(with the file hashes and destination)

There has now been a small change to that workflow, where our tooling that
validates the hashes will now also be validating GPG signatures where they
are provided. For tarballs it is expected that you provide a GPG signature
(*.sig), but these won't be required for binary packages.

GPG signatures will be validated against a keyring built from the keys
located at - so you will
now need to have your key added there in advance of filing a Sysadmin
ticket to have your release published.

Please send a merge request to that repository with your key(s) following
the format of $gitlabUsername at keyX.asc to have them added.

Many thanks,
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