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Christophe Marin christophe at
Fri Nov 10 10:55:23 GMT 2023


On mercredi 1 novembre 2023 11:55:08 CET Christophe Marin wrote:
> Hello,
> With various alpha coming out soon, here are the notes added to my packages 
> when I started packaging snapshots and still present.

I now merged the frameworks and plasna packages in our openSUSE KDE repo to
see how the build behave. The frameworks builds went fine, but I can't say the
same about plasma.

Some background:
For openSUSE, we want to give users the opportunity to choose when they want to
migrate to plasma 6. The plasma packages won't be coinstallable, but they will
coexist for a while.

>From a packaging pov, we also make use of the CMake config name rather than
the corresponding -devel package when we need some build dependencies.
In most cases, the CMake config name will persist, even if the distro package name
changes or upstream code moves to a different place.

3 different issues appeared with plasma 6 alpha:

- The CMake config names are identical for certain core libraries:
KDecoration2, KPipeWire, KScreenLocker, KsysGuard, LayerShellQt, LibKWorkspace,
 LibTaskManager (and Breeze but it's slightly less problematic)

- The CMake config files for DBus interface are not versioned:
KRunnerAppDBusInterface, KWinDBusInterface, KSMServerDBusInterface,

- The libksysguard  libraries soversion weren't bumped. It's not only a problem for
building plasma 5 and plasma 6. KSysguard is also an optional dependency
for kdevelop.


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