KDE Gear Qt 5 deps

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Thu Nov 2 21:11:22 GMT 2023

El dimecres, 1 de novembre de 2023, a les 11:56:37 (CET), Jonathan Riddell va 
> There's a couple libraries that distros need to build both Qt 5 and Qt 6
> versions of because they have apps which use both.
> libkgapi still needs a Qt 5 version for kio-gdrive and a Qt 6 version for
> pim bits.
> libkcddb needs a Qt 5 version for k3b and a Qt 6 version for kio-audiocd.
> So I propose to make standalone releases of the Qt 5 versions using the
> names libkgapi5 and libkcddb5 which distros can pick once when they move
> their packaging to Qt 6 bits.
> How does that sound? 

libkcddb seems like it compiles with qt5 and qt6 so why do we need to make 
extra releases?

For libkgapi i don't have enough domain knowledge, but can't distros just keep 
build the old tarball with qt5 and the new on with qt6?


> Are there any more such cases?
> Jonathan

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