KDE 6 MegaRelease further dependencies

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Nov 1 17:55:43 GMT 2023

Me and Justin suggested a Matrix room to coordinate this but nobody seemed
interested, let me know if you'd like one.

I'd like to make a Todo board of this somehow, what's the best way to do

Paul made one for Promo https://phabricator.kde.org/T16977

Further dependencies that Justin pointed me to from Fedora chat

= xdg-utils
External project part of Freedesktop
Latest release 2018 by
Current development happening by e.g. Meven and Harald for KF6 support
Not much activity on the mailing list called Portland (gosh I think I
remember that name being brought up)
I don't know who has authority to make a release

= libaccounts-qt
External project
Last release 4 years ago
Git master builds for both Qt 5 and 6 thanks to Nico
No activity on the mailing list, it's not clear who can make a release of
this https://groups.google.com/g/accounts-sso-devel

= gpgme
This is fine, current release builds for Qt 5 and 6, just remind distros to
package newest version

= qca
Builds for Qt 5 and 6 for the last couple of releases, just remind distros
to package newest version

= packagekit-qt
Current release builds for Qt 5 and 6, just remind distros to package
newest version

= grantlee
This is now KTextTemplate and part of Frameworks so just release note that

= signond
This seems to build for Qt 5 and 6 with no modifications so just release
note for distos to package it

= signon-ui
I have no idea what's going on here, there were releases with ubunntu in
the version number in 2015 of something called "signon-ui"
Now the project is called "signon-ui-qt" in gitlab at least and Nico is
going work on it so maybe it needs a release? We built it for Qt 5 in neon
and nobody has complained thus far.

= signon-plugin-oauth2
Another one where it's not clear how releases are managed if at all
Release 2 years ago uses Qt 5
No development since then, does it need work for Qt 6?

= appstream
Not to be confused with the Amazon product of the same name or indeed
"upstream", this is an external project where Plasma needs 1.0 which isn't
released yet. Hopefully it'll be released in time for our final one in the
mean time tell distros to use git

= kweathercore
0.7 released in sep 2022 should build against Qt 6, tell distros to update
their packages

= libquotient
Current release from september builds for both Qt 5 and 6, just remind
distros to update packaging.

= kdsoap6
External project, Latest release builds with Qt 5 and 6 tell distros to
package it
kio-extras needs it so needs a Qt 5 build too for KF5 apps

= kdsoap-ws-discovery-client
KDE project part of release service,
New release will build with Qt 5 and 6
kio-extras needs it so needs a Qt 5 build as well as Qt 6 for KF5 apps

= kio-extras
part of kde gear
KF5 apps need Qt 5 build as well as Qt 6 although there's lots of clashing

= qcoro
Latest release can build for Qt 5 and 6, tell distros to package it for both

= futuresql
KDE library https://invent.kde.org/libraries/futuresql
Latest release from May builds both Qt 5 and 6, tell distros to do both

= kquickimageeditor
A qml module needed for koko, skanpage, and neochat
Last release was in October 2021 by Carl
Master supports Qt 6, new release needed

= qtkeychain
External project used by tokodon, plasmatube, neochat, kmail, kasts and
Releases since May have Qt 6 support, tell distros to package for both Qt 5
and 6 (or drop the Qt 5 depends)

= pulseaudio-qt
KDE library used by KDE connect
Last release 2021 by Nicolas Fella
master supports Qt 5 and 6 since last year
KDE connect looks like it also builds for Qt5 and 6 so this could do with a
new release pronto

= wayland-protocols
Fedora said this needed an update, I'm not sure that it does

= kirigami-addons
Not on Fedora's list
various QML modules used by various things
Carl released this last September
He said on matrix just now he'll make a new release
Builds for Qt 5 and 6, tell distros to package for Qt 6
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