KDE 6 Releases dependencies

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Nov 1 12:09:00 GMT 2023

We have various dependencies needed for the forthcoming alpha release.
It's not vital they all have releases in time for the alpha, we can expect
distros to just make their own git exports as needed, but it would be nice
to have releases.

plasma-wayland-protocols - last releases in January I believe this needs an
update.  Aleix usually makes there releases.  No Qt5 faff needed.

I made the most recent release of this in 2019 (amazing what one is
sometimes), I think it's ready to go for a Qt 6 release, it's used by kwin
and kmag which have both been ported to Qt 6 so no Qt 5 release needed.

Last released in 2021 by Heiko it builds fine from master with
-DQT_MAJOR_VERSION=6.  Distros will need both a Qt 5 and Qt 6 build so I
propose to make a new release for Qt 6 and another one called polkit-qt5-1
with the same contents for Qt 5 builds.

4.11.1 released 2019 by Harald
master now builds both Qt 5 and 6 fine so I propose just making a 4.12.0

0.11.3 released by Harald in 2021.
master now builds both Qt 5 and 6 fine so I propose just making a 0.12
release (or be bold and call it 1.0).

4.10.0 released in 2019 by Harald.  it has a Qt 6 port by Montel but I've
not tried it (in KDE neon).
It's not the recommended backend, does anyone still use it?

Last released 1.2 by me (amazing what one is again)
Builds Qt 5 by default and 6 with -DQT_MAJOR_VERSION=6
Distros need both Qt 5 and 6 builds although I think Qt 5 is only for
ruqola now so possibly that can be dropped or I can make a final Qt 5
release with a renamed tar.
It has been requested to add it to frameworks so hopefully that can happen

Any others I've missed?

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