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Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at
Fri Jul 28 18:08:50 BST 2023


For the past while Josh and I have spent some time working on a new gamepad
kcm. It currently lives here [1] but we'd like to move it to plasma after a
review period. It also uses an inkscape plugin to export parts of an svg
file to svg images and a qml file for a given gamepad type. The inkscape
plugin lives here [2]. I think it would make sense to either move that into
plasma/ also or either a) into some other tools prefix (do we have one? I
haven't looked in ages) or b) merge it into the gamepad-kcm repo itself. I
think any of those options makes sense to me. Once it has an official
landing place I'll add to the gamepad-kcm readme file how it works, how to
use it, where to get it, etc.

I found xwaylandvideobridge had an issue with a checklist, (not sure if
there's a way to add templates like that to gamepad-kcm, tried by adding
.gitlab-ci.yml and .kde-ci.yml, but no templates appeared, so copy/pasted
and edited) to create for tracking
progress/what's still needed I guess.


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