CI Outage

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Fri Feb 17 07:32:47 GMT 2023

Hi all,

As many of you will have noticed, the Linux side of our Gitlab CI setup,
including those runs for Android and other miscellaneous jobs (such as
cppcheck) were all KO yesterday due to a Docker error.

This has now been corrected, and was due to a defect in an update shipped
by the Docker upstream maintainers. They added a hard dependency on an
Apparmor CLI tool, however failed to add the corresponding dependency to
their packages (and to top matters off, part of that package is kernel side
and only does it's initialisation on system boot...)

The nodes have now had their setups corrected and have been rebooted, and
everything is back in service. I have also kicked off builds of just about
everything that is failing on the CI system.

Apologies for the disruption here.

While doing so I noticed a fairly sad number of actual
- Mandatory X11 dependency on Windows:
- Blind KF6 porting:
- (and others yet to finish working their way through)

It also looks like we have some packages that are not being rebuilt by seed
jobs (see, so once the
system has finished playing catch up we may need to do some additional
infrastructure work there.

Please contact me if you'd like to assist with that.

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