Report of packaging issues with mega release

Antonio Rojas nqn76sw at
Fri Dec 1 23:12:04 GMT 2023

This list is based on the beta tarballs with some (already committed) fixes on top to fix build with latest kdiagram and plasma-activities.


- ktexteditor: conflicts with KF5

- purpose: conflicts with KF5


- plasma-activities: conflicts with kdebugsettings


- kdepim-runtime: FTBFS with etesync - there's a missing QtConcurrent dependency, but even after adding it build fails
- audiotube: FTBFS. It seems to be in a weird, half-ported state
- libkcddb: Qt5/6 versions collide (translations and desktop files). Qt5 version still needed for k3b, soundkonverter, tellico
- analitza: Qt5/6 versions collide (same lib name). Qt5 version optionally needed by cantor (workaround: disable kalgebra backend in cantor)
- keduvocdocument: Qt5/6 versions collide (same lib name). Qt5 version is a hard dependency of parley, this blocks packaging parley
- krfb: requires Qt5 kpipewire, which collides with its Qt5 version. Useless without it on Wayland.
- ksanecore: Qt5/6 versions collide. Qt6 version needed by skanpage, Qt5 version needed by skanlite.
- kpublictransport: Qt5/6 versions collide. Qt5 version needed by kosmindoormap and itinerary. Blocks packaging itinerary.
- pim libraries: translations collide with the Qt5 versions, still needed by some apps (digikam, kmymoney).
- qmlkonsole: builds fine, but it's useless since there is no Qt6 version of qmltermwidget.
- kio-extras: KF5/6 versions collide:


- libquotient: Qt5/6 versions collide. Qt5 version optionally needed by itinerary.
- kirigami-addons: Qt5/6 versions collide (translations)
- phonon: Qt5/6 versions collide (translations)

Missing releases of dependencies:

- tokodon, neochat (optionally) depend on unreleased kunifiedpush
- plasmatube, tokodon hard depend on unreleased mpv-qt
- libkscreen depends on unreleased changes in plasma-wayland-protocols

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