[announcement] Telegram bridging to be retired Wed. 20 Sept. | 5 to-dos

Paul Brown paul.brown at kde.org
Wed Aug 23 09:13:18 BST 2023

Dear All,

Sorry for being a pain in the neck about this, but the more I read the plan to 
migrate, the less it seems a plan at all. It just boils down to a deadline.

There is no contingency, nobody has considered what the people who use 
Telegram to interact with us want, nobody has opened any kind of brainstorming 
so we may come up with a way of nudging instead of forcing users to migrate.

Yes, we all want everybody to use FLOSS, but while some parts of the community 
can avoid proprietary software and platforms completely, we ("we" being the 
people carrying out promotional and outreachy tasks) can't.

Our main mission is to grow KDE's user base. This means we have to go where we 
can find new users and communities we can grow into. That is why we still have 
Facebook, Xitter, Reddit and Telegram.

When communities organically take hold on these platforms and start to grow, 
we cannot afford to cut them off just because we don't like where they are 
growing. Do that often enough and KDE and all its software becomes irrelevant 
and loses what tiny portion of the market share it currently has.

Getting back to the topic at hand, there will be channels we will be able to 
migrate in the time frame proposed (the Promo channel on Telegram itself can 
probably be closed down within days, as can Atelier 3D Printing), there are 
channels which will take much longer and need a much more tactful approach 
(and I suggest we include "brainstorm ways we can facilitate the migration" 
into the plans TODOs).

And then there are channels which we will never be able to migrate.

We will actively support Sysadmin in the task of migrating as many channels as 
we can in the given time frame; but I believe it is only reasonable to expect 
that we get some degree of support from others for our task of growing and 
maintaining KDE's user base where we find it.

If that means coming up with a solution to the bridge problem, well, solving 
technical problems to provide for users is KDE's thing, right?

We can figure it out.


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