KDE Frameworks 5.109.0

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Wed Aug 9 11:21:23 BST 2023

Am Mittwoch, 9. August 2023, 10:31:23 CEST schrieb Christophe Marin:
> On samedi 5 août 2023 16:52:45 CEST David Faure wrote:
> > Dear packagers,
> > 
> > KDE Frameworks 5.109.0 has been uploaded to the usual place.
> > 
> > Public release next Saturday.
> > 
> > Thanks for the packaging work!
> kwayland fails to build on stable openSUSE releases:
> from /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/kwayland-5.109.0/src/server/display.cpp:57:
> /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/kwayland-5.109.0/build/src/server/
> KF5WaylandServer_autogen/include/moc_display.cpp:81:33: error: expected
> unqualified-id before 'int'
>      QMetaType::Void, QMetaType::Bool,    2,
>                                  ^
> /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/kwayland-5.109.0/build/src/server/
> KF5WaylandServer_autogen/include/moc_display.cpp:81:33: error: expected '}'
> before 'int'
> In file included from
> /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/kwayland-5.109.0/src/server/ display.cpp:729:0:
> /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/kwayland-5.109.0/build/src/server/
> KF5WaylandServer_autogen/include/moc_display.cpp:98:1: error: expected
> declaration before '}' token
>  };

Such failures had been seen when the notorious X headers with its "#define 
Bool int" had been pulled in by something before.

A tad surprising of X headers are used with KWayland though :P Sorry for the 
breakage, had hoped anyone would catch any issues in the 4 weeks before 5.109 

Not sure how to best approach this: find the offender in openSUSE Leap which 
pulls in the X headers (assuming they are the cause here as well) or just do a 
general fix in display.cpp. Given so far no-one seems to have ran into the 
issue on KDE CI & elsewhere, would prefer to see if that can be handled Leap-

Talking to krop on #opensuse-kde ATM.


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