Copying po/docbook files to repositories nightly

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Fri Sep 2 22:24:21 BST 2022

As you may know, translations for apps don't live in the same place as the 
code for the apps themselves.

This greatly benefits translators but is not awesome for the release management 
side of things since it means that for each release we need to not forget to 
copy the appropriate files to the appropriate place, makes tagging somewhat 
harder, etc.

For a while now we have been running an "experimental" copy-po-qm-docbook-
back-to-repository in a number of "select" repositories and it seems to have 
worked quite well, you can seem one example in

The idea is to enable this for all repositories.

This is a heads up, as a developer there's nothing you need to do, at most 
remove the po/ folder from .gitignore if for some reason it is there.

If you're a packager you will need to make sure your scripts don't try to copy 
po/qm/docbook files anymore when doing a release once this is activated.

My plan would be to enable this scripts over Akademy so we have the high 
bandwidth there to fix things if needed.

Opinions? Comments?


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