David Faure faure at
Thu Nov 17 09:08:29 GMT 2022

On mercredi 16 novembre 2022 16:34:28 CET Nate Graham wrote:
> Hello frameworks and release folks,
> We had a few major regressions in the 5.100 release that have already
> been fixed; see:
> -
> -
> These are significant enough that I'd like to recommend we make new
> releases of the kconfig and plasma-framework frameworks so we can get
> the fixes to users as quickly as possible.


kconfig v5.100.1
8bbb7951d74e8e289f7b0599887ef328b2726fdbdaae18effda2c9d7f18a82da  sources/kconfig-5.100.1.tar.xz

plasma-framework v5.100.1
53940a920773a105df0af9dd3dbf7afcebc6e1eb66404cc77f46c80563b4ada1  sources/plasma-framework-5.100.1.tar.xz

Linux/BSD packagers: you can skip kconfig-5.100.1, that fix is Windows-only anyway.

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