KDE Frameworks 5.100.0

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun Nov 6 11:57:59 GMT 2022

Dear packagers,

KDE Frameworks 5.100.0 has been uploaded to the usual place.

New frameworks: none this time.

Public release next Saturday.

Thanks for the packaging work!

David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5
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attica v5.100.0-rc1
ae77669637f2c1c09666a5885d99ec7feaeeb51811dc61864556be6cf43d35c8  sources/attica-5.100.0.tar.xz
baloo v5.100.0-rc1
f93be67b84fe54de17607b14d5875f0b1967d1f16833c19f655ae5ce4ca06e88  sources/baloo-5.100.0.tar.xz
bluez-qt v5.100.0-rc1
b14bcc2d3f6517d5f5eca43c3d9ddd63b5cdb90c16e8df7172d14709501ec2ba  sources/bluez-qt-5.100.0.tar.xz
breeze-icons v5.100.0-rc1
d02c1b6952fddb306ff58f368ffc8d5cbdf0d46afd652c9c56c86020440dcadb  sources/breeze-icons-5.100.0.tar.xz
extra-cmake-modules v5.100.0-rc1
34563ce7bbe3c4d8f69ce1f5dc87ae052443a6b0349fefb9e244a7358b16c0c5  sources/extra-cmake-modules-5.100.0.tar.xz
frameworkintegration v5.100.0-rc1
959d54e508b5d285d3f8e4c35d0cea3a0eb7687ae2bb6f9e4918e441412ee5a0  sources/frameworkintegration-5.100.0.tar.xz
kactivities v5.100.0-rc1
13b1dd81fafaa926e37a63c8896f0ceb272d88e225c7833695ad5363ef6aa892  sources/kactivities-5.100.0.tar.xz
kactivities-stats v5.100.0-rc1
25c51ffce2a83c691771ccae02a5dd91b1991bc197aca67879d61cac36f03996  sources/kactivities-stats-5.100.0.tar.xz
kapidox v5.100.0-rc1
68a4c0aa5b86ff002e996e043b745788bdc474be755b8e96251820851d0ef639  sources/kapidox-5.100.0.tar.xz
karchive v5.100.0-rc1
f5ae507b0ceca71229017128997e12eff51b697ca2a1a37b729f9253ebfe969b  sources/karchive-5.100.0.tar.xz
kauth v5.100.0-rc1
2185205bfe39ba2168cc88352c4b327d55b6ef5f34dff648e865ccfbe6778f6d  sources/kauth-5.100.0.tar.xz
kbookmarks v5.100.0-rc1
236cf8eef90b1a9737948d10e3c9aae1b6ca35ff7d5b2621b3a2aa61675e84ae  sources/kbookmarks-5.100.0.tar.xz
kcalendarcore v5.100.0-rc1
600c2409faf7e4cc9c7375676a5cfcfdf5b74e8b47a5b44afd2c4babf8c5bf57  sources/kcalendarcore-5.100.0.tar.xz
kcmutils v5.100.0-rc1
bc7ac9f61c4b78a8465b09310fb793d9fe06180d9c93fae63dd6dbadc745d74f  sources/kcmutils-5.100.0.tar.xz
kcodecs v5.100.0-rc1
55e8b79a27846d1ef90cdc2567b227b31ef8ef5325143c95d404f6eca1e40ca3  sources/kcodecs-5.100.0.tar.xz
kcompletion v5.100.0-rc1
63689d9bad9c7320734e84c5b6434aa11c15b026c845ae05f5ce154afd0a4586  sources/kcompletion-5.100.0.tar.xz
kconfig v5.100.0-rc1
7aed349a2bea953baa71de134855659c862a498f69ba6d28673f6912941dc921  sources/kconfig-5.100.0.tar.xz
kconfigwidgets v5.100.0-rc1
e88187371127382778f246731e21e6a576ce8e358a3333e3d84d386f2de55091  sources/kconfigwidgets-5.100.0.tar.xz
kcontacts v5.100.0-rc1
e5063a08367525923cd6c500c7c6674b3a4ee16ec9866207bfe36c0df8c6884b  sources/kcontacts-5.100.0.tar.xz
kcoreaddons v5.100.0-rc1
dfed68386f919bd214f07837a2a5356e61958237d845115b632e35349e5c1790  sources/kcoreaddons-5.100.0.tar.xz
kcrash v5.100.0-rc1
1a76e9ddb2be3980b38ec0d6d29102b635a925d6a8bce938a5cf1a46d812a728  sources/kcrash-5.100.0.tar.xz
kdav v5.100.0-rc1
6ed9451c103558d47149964d09c27535f04e8715867b299735e5c31bc7e78e24  sources/kdav-5.100.0.tar.xz
kdbusaddons v5.100.0-rc1
e0755137a3acd57e08b7cc257f60b50322ffe88e8933adfac84d156a920224b3  sources/kdbusaddons-5.100.0.tar.xz
kdeclarative v5.100.0-rc1
7635cb72365b3f12d45f9126ad2e774835c664af8d02f66d3561c02bcbb84017  sources/kdeclarative-5.100.0.tar.xz
kded v5.100.0-rc1
d2581a5fc79ef9e74d96162d796937a6b13bc62ba2bf705b714d4d16684d9bce  sources/kded-5.100.0.tar.xz
kdelibs4support v5.100.0-rc1
82a902bc9e817f28f31b1610664b59401c4d556342bcd2de4a473df2bee373b2  sources/portingAids/kdelibs4support-5.100.0.tar.xz
kdesignerplugin v5.100.0-rc1
0c61e5bc1d82e03202b7998429ec79e9bac6559639f3178adf6fc9fa516c0dc2  sources/portingAids/kdesignerplugin-5.100.0.tar.xz
kdesu v5.100.0-rc1
2fd889ad3df827109417abb9e58509f5bd8b06930a0f608ba22892693f0ff6b1  sources/kdesu-5.100.0.tar.xz
kdewebkit v5.100.0-rc1
25ec2801a5584e4cfb42d9d7e39b9bacf71b5d901b731b4453b6ac9f1419f481  sources/portingAids/kdewebkit-5.100.0.tar.xz
kdnssd v5.100.0-rc1
63751c3ba7faa48c7b18c5f0e6128748b117f3c2706fee1e1d593e7cf68472ba  sources/kdnssd-5.100.0.tar.xz
kdoctools v5.100.0-rc1
40e9c9efb1374b7c2fd74ab5137fa14fa557fa4db4033483e3fae3a30da7272b  sources/kdoctools-5.100.0.tar.xz
kemoticons v5.100.0-rc1
c4137f696f5a5d98d404088cd86828cc783f93296022e0e98655d2c078e14563  sources/kemoticons-5.100.0.tar.xz
kfilemetadata v5.100.0-rc1
6fb20c163dc21ee6f89cff4be6cd3939e49ffb2fa61e02a5bcc7b51d13567131  sources/kfilemetadata-5.100.0.tar.xz
kglobalaccel v5.100.0-rc1
c39b4ef33e4c80a6478b6f5a162839d3523c5e4e14c44af647d7f1a72192a2f2  sources/kglobalaccel-5.100.0.tar.xz
kguiaddons v5.100.0-rc1
5ce16343ed9d881ebb2b5e5ff4b8bd886dd95778910d27308197b072dd3b3d02  sources/kguiaddons-5.100.0.tar.xz
kholidays v5.100.0-rc1
4fc4631347611b5d9a79c170a24df92c783bc8fe123763f20628a453eee9ca1c  sources/kholidays-5.100.0.tar.xz
khtml v5.100.0-rc1
40a5cd6e3a5db5310bca59ccb7a6cbf70f3f45b1a3db9b933882390f6c581c41  sources/portingAids/khtml-5.100.0.tar.xz
ki18n v5.100.0-rc1
de63f1d6b86591eff69c502c8d247d6d86494abdd1d179ea84855c3678b30f01  sources/ki18n-5.100.0.tar.xz
kiconthemes v5.100.0-rc1
902ecc3b61e7492d62a1a5fb6c9493a72507ade5d312c6633ce508b0437850b9  sources/kiconthemes-5.100.0.tar.xz
kidletime v5.100.0-rc1
b4f0162df8a63e83cc2f2db3d4e6ca63ea13f93679186b0b897450b61d1b77c4  sources/kidletime-5.100.0.tar.xz
kimageformats v5.100.0-rc1
6d715a5adce1494f7650726b6dac5e9a0bcf224d0f09c48af20727368b92d651  sources/kimageformats-5.100.0.tar.xz
kinit v5.100.0-rc1
89112dd9cebba4c917b915b839afbc01dbfdb80bb71c61d9575fec06445bf2ce  sources/kinit-5.100.0.tar.xz
kio v5.100.0-rc1
088788d32eb38016d92c2fdfe29f337332089efa1f0d3a810cf807c2646d7cb6  sources/kio-5.100.0.tar.xz
kirigami v5.100.0-rc1
d6080af0c5cece525fcf261e3f71562f7f7a654599c602d530e99d99cc3501df  sources/kirigami2-5.100.0.tar.xz
kitemmodels v5.100.0-rc1
a327626184f36e19998ec8848714e362de615cbc2c98cdf3737457d9878e31d8  sources/kitemmodels-5.100.0.tar.xz
kitemviews v5.100.0-rc1
9c6d1109e956ded4950fd791d1895c421dda85db35c7d8d08550b92533a3ff1a  sources/kitemviews-5.100.0.tar.xz
kjobwidgets v5.100.0-rc1
d362f99928a49a8a5a75e68248a18249cd8c2904667eb7921485c2b574a73103  sources/kjobwidgets-5.100.0.tar.xz
kjs v5.100.0-rc1
61729dbb28913bbf46627d4a1f75e553f6666b4fb896a97623e78417f01ac2ae  sources/portingAids/kjs-5.100.0.tar.xz
kjsembed v5.100.0-rc1
a7864c09cc7407b045b829fc3ba4a084fea18d183c3a867795c864d326734cf0  sources/portingAids/kjsembed-5.100.0.tar.xz
kmediaplayer v5.100.0-rc1
a2ac4bab7ee6409de2b40dd7cf1db38cac48f4dd5bb45e3c13a2a6d142834a00  sources/portingAids/kmediaplayer-5.100.0.tar.xz
knewstuff v5.100.0-rc1
c32e617b81a948d315b45b30668dfa61cdc39b8a866d5c2a3e86e88c2528dfa5  sources/knewstuff-5.100.0.tar.xz
knotifications v5.100.0-rc1
ba21304f0bd2e50042f3bce1a3d2f5bee6058ab43388203d3b2a5ba3c362e6a3  sources/knotifications-5.100.0.tar.xz
knotifyconfig v5.100.0-rc1
1db5a4c4f0a8a4c1ff1db5df07d601dc63714720e4c5e52052811004bc27baa9  sources/knotifyconfig-5.100.0.tar.xz
kpackage v5.100.0-rc1
b28c657e94fb0466b934d0179fddd83647ab47fb54f43da67c24383e714e2685  sources/kpackage-5.100.0.tar.xz
kparts v5.100.0-rc1
68961dfab9543442ca6bdb627796c5c38172d7dc7955dab6a6adb3086e91c86f  sources/kparts-5.100.0.tar.xz
kpeople v5.100.0-rc1
0f43151d5e5f91214925cae7d8e4089e3a9c364d200da8a6ff1ce6a4b3eb3ee1  sources/kpeople-5.100.0.tar.xz
kplotting v5.100.0-rc1
f5e411ba79a1945d6778b5a337d963a080cb3016be41b1708ab25d77a63751d3  sources/kplotting-5.100.0.tar.xz
kpty v5.100.0-rc1
f208561be774b93c95e00e822d9644cebd1dfd2f5efd243ef01c9d47a738b440  sources/kpty-5.100.0.tar.xz
kquickcharts v5.100.0-rc1
3ff3de4ae87dcb17db3bd3451cfdb99f004c16dd0cafa53ef452abfed86aadac  sources/kquickcharts-5.100.0.tar.xz
kross v5.100.0-rc1
b26fcdc1b88d5d706ce7d527f3a8cfddc8554254813e158488f3fb2ed5b6f64a  sources/portingAids/kross-5.100.0.tar.xz
krunner v5.100.0-rc1
7850553326de3d89108f7a5ab9d37a65b18a5c88bd13bb07390cacb9b358c056  sources/krunner-5.100.0.tar.xz
kservice v5.100.0-rc1
b33d121a1154a0646c869579eff961ad6bbf31dbc7d3f753e82ac8ebbc8504ef  sources/kservice-5.100.0.tar.xz
ktexteditor v5.100.0-rc1
406f868694a0a96b4cb0e902b8e469e85129dbf562cbbf48f7800021a2cf998d  sources/ktexteditor-5.100.0.tar.xz
ktextwidgets v5.100.0-rc1
760bc46c42c54c6e84511c12b56931db7f76281e940a98158089c76bef473281  sources/ktextwidgets-5.100.0.tar.xz
kunitconversion v5.100.0-rc1
1c5b8c30db9faeb4a997e5676b62676df80d8cc887f11ac68a0f2848651c141b  sources/kunitconversion-5.100.0.tar.xz
kwallet v5.100.0-rc1
2bbdf57f515b36d95e8adcf56e96157bb7621f5284abfc3b6e5d63f9f2832e80  sources/kwallet-5.100.0.tar.xz
kwayland v5.100.0-rc1
213d09eb67bc9ecaeecd04cb02838b3ca900e032fd3412c52fa697e0ed7e2f85  sources/kwayland-5.100.0.tar.xz
kwidgetsaddons v5.100.0-rc1
c71913964fa66cc03d9faafeb91efd397095ecfc369f3cd60235cfda49484a1f  sources/kwidgetsaddons-5.100.0.tar.xz
kwindowsystem v5.100.0-rc1
69b24ebaa5c94aa040c46dc1270a8fc9e44ed35d497c16b9b3244bb200834fb3  sources/kwindowsystem-5.100.0.tar.xz
kxmlgui v5.100.0-rc1
7eee0553056d033d95cd2a04259585d789746f011a8c5bd89fc6632cdc568ea5  sources/kxmlgui-5.100.0.tar.xz
kxmlrpcclient v5.100.0-rc1
b946ffebb297777fe0fda19b00e4f2bc3a8624ab4cb301bd5c818b83d49cce3a  sources/portingAids/kxmlrpcclient-5.100.0.tar.xz
modemmanager-qt v5.100.0-rc1
dea540b4a1ec5784749892191015cbc31c021a64944f010b59c7c13e2140f474  sources/modemmanager-qt-5.100.0.tar.xz
networkmanager-qt v5.100.0-rc1
d6612f26ef2b0a3acfc903ff53db306dba189a78a35fd2be948057eea36a635f  sources/networkmanager-qt-5.100.0.tar.xz
oxygen-icons5 v5.100.0-rc1
0061d4cf29f37d336931267466505a39d6be78c932e8fb8eddfecb66d39701e9  sources/oxygen-icons5-5.100.0.tar.xz
plasma-framework v5.100.0-rc1
6476364079db3a11133608048b3b6f6b9a904083ef193ea0b3ccd0bf96c73280  sources/plasma-framework-5.100.0.tar.xz
prison v5.100.0-rc1
30c9a6ef8364b811f2015b6d8ca36714cd39e514919fdc054768ae871dcb9483  sources/prison-5.100.0.tar.xz
purpose v5.100.0-rc1
3c0eb5b744cb7505ece3e59e2f1ca445137f5969a73f253bca14eb5ff168532f  sources/purpose-5.100.0.tar.xz
qqc2-desktop-style v5.100.0-rc1
a97bbfeddd6915c6ba90bc5062308610631bf1fe3f15b1e3143b839dce6c2f26  sources/qqc2-desktop-style-5.100.0.tar.xz
solid v5.100.0-rc1
8d9993ed9d24565cf3a8c9c109ecf900867e5cc13e247fda4faa7118b4244683  sources/solid-5.100.0.tar.xz
sonnet v5.100.0-rc1
e4e72b9385900d53afec16fd1272c91b56d39d849dc54974b7d9178b3c3a1e19  sources/sonnet-5.100.0.tar.xz
syndication v5.100.0-rc1
c548045b97da030ebf0cab8c6b0e32d3508384fa5aedee3c794d7fe60b9df38d  sources/syndication-5.100.0.tar.xz
syntax-highlighting v5.100.0-rc1
e0a79487d2d42ad603b650dc8ed09935883f2f1aa1feff087144a01994414cb4  sources/syntax-highlighting-5.100.0.tar.xz
threadweaver v5.100.0-rc1
035a2ef1145e51d023791e6c638f9132635c800440072fd3161ed30863445735  sources/threadweaver-5.100.0.tar.xz
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### Baloo

* [TermGeneratorTest] Reduce code duplication
* Correct and simplify OrpostingIterator constructor
* Convert kded metadata to JSON

### Breeze Icons

* Add accessories-dictionary-symbolic symlink to a book-looking icon (bug 461033)
* Add new icons for Fortran source code
* Add 64px audio-headset, fix issues with 64px audio-headphones (bug 447536)
* Add data-success icon
* Add icon for OpenOffice extensions

### Extra CMake Modules

* Make the expiry of these artifacts more reasonable, 3 months is a bit excessive
* avoid lib64 directory on NixOS
* Add quotes, otherwise if is malformed when envvar not defined
* Allow KF_IGNORE_PLATFORM_CHECK to be set through an environment variable

### KDE Doxygen Tools

* remove link to Other KDE Software

### KArchive

* Make error messages translatable

### KAuth

* Config.cmake.in: declare static dependencies

### KBookmarks

* Don't use KXmlGui when building without deprecated stuff

### KCMUtils

* Remove space
* Kauth doesn't build on windows
* KCModuleQML: Make sizeHint() check more robust

### KCodecs

* Prepare for 5.15.7: adapt test

### KConfig

* kconfig_compiler: switch away from bit mask for signal enum values
* kconfig_compiler: fix generation of bit masks enum items for signals
* kconfig_compiler: perform signals count check earlier
* Fix KConfigGui initialization in case of static builds (bug 459337)

### KConfigWidgets

* avoid stating files during restore of recent files (bug 460868)
* Ensure icon is always set for recent files actions
* Add file icons to open recent menu
* Replace custom color preference code with KColorSchemeWatcher
* Intialize default decoration colors
* [KCommandBar] Fix shortcut background

### KContacts

* Add setAddresses

### KCoreAddons

* Add missing . in error string
* KPluginMetaData: Check applicationDirPath first when resolving plugin paths (bug 459830)
* Fix static build of downstream consumers
* KFileSystem: add Fuse Type; use libudev to probe underlying fuseblk type

### KDeclarative

* Make QQmlContext's contextObject outlive the QQmlContext
* Completely deprecate KDeclarative class
* Port manual test app away from deprecated KDeclarative API

### KDELibs 4 Support

* Add CMake option to build WITH_X11

### KDesignerPlugin

* add win ci, for kdelibs4support


* Add missing deprecation wrapper for KDEsuClient::isServerSGID impl

### KFileMetaData

* OdfExtractorTest: Add test cases for Flat XML documents
* OdfExtractor: Only go looking for textual content in office:body
* OdfExtractor: Support "Flat XML" variants
* PngExtractor: Only extract metadata when it was asked for

### KDE GUI Addons

* Add misisng find_dependency's for static builds
* systemclipboard: Don't signals data source cancellation (bug 460248)
* Guard the global was actually intialised
* Implement destuctor for keystate protocol implementation
* kcolorschemewatcher: make changing colour schemes work as expected on macOS
* [kcolorschemewatcher] Default to light mode, where AppsUseLightTheme isn't set (notably Windows 8.1)
* enable automatic dark-mode switching on macOS
* Add API for system color preference reading

### KI18n

* Try fixing build on Windows mingw
* Add missing <cerrno> include

### KImageFormats

* Don't install desktop files for image formats when building against Qt6
* raw: Don't seek back if we were asked to read too much
* jxl: indicate when all frames have been read
* avif: indicate when all frames have been read
* avif: always indicate endless loop (bug 460085)
* avif: return `false` in `canRead()` when `imageIndex >= imageCount` (bug 460085)
* Auto-rotate input images in readtest
* jxl: remove C-style casts
* avif: Use reinterpret_cast instead C cast
* heif: replace C cast with static_cast
* heif: use heif_init/heif_deinit with libheif 1.13.0+
* FindLibRaw: fix include dir, should not contain prefix libraw/ (bug 460105)
* Fix duplicated tests
* ANI partial test and PIC test added
* PSD: impreved support to sequential access device
* Fix messages
* CMakeLists: enable EXR test
* Added EXR test image
* Fixes for sequential devices

### KIO

* Add new base class for thumbnail plugins
* Fix string formatting in "Do you really want to delete it?" message
* [kdiroperator] Don't add actions to actioncollection when building without deprecated API
* Deprecate KDirOperator::actionCollection
* [kfilewidget] Don't remove mkdir action from the action collection
* Fix deprecation of virtual functions
* Deprecate KDirOperator::setView(QAbstractItemView *)
* [kcoredirlister] Deprecate setMimeExcludeFilter
* [kcoredirlister] Rename showingDotFiles to showHiddenFiles
* [kdiroperator] Rename setView to setViewMode
* [kcoredirlister] Deprecate itemsFilteredByMime
* [kdiroperator] Remove usage of itemsFilteredByMime
* [knewfilemenu] Decouple from KActionCollection
* KPropertiesDialog: Add tooltip for magic mime type, too
* kurlnavigatortest: add test for absolute path in relative path handling
* KUrlNavigator: fix handling absolute paths
* kurlnavigatortest: add test case for relative hidden directory
* Remove KCrash dependency on Android
* KFilePlacesModel: Move open files error on teardown to KIO
* Add a CMake option, off by default, to control ftpd and wsgidav usage
* Conditionally chow hidden folders in the location bar's dropdown menu
* fix dav overwrite
* don't disable tests
* Warning dialogs: Change button text from "Delete" to "Delete Permanently"
* AskUserActionInterface: add DeleteInsteadOfTrash deletion type (bug 431351)
* WidgetsAskUserActionHandler: fix showing file name for single url
* Message box methods: add API using "action" terms instead of "Yes" & "No"
* Deprecate defaulting to "Yes" & "No" message box buttons
* Add messagebox: KIO worker for testing messageBox() calls from worker
* Remove service type definition for urifilter plugins
* DeleteOrTrashJob: it's included in KF 5.100
* [ioslaves/remote] Convert kded metadata to JSON
* Fix missing details in message dialogs from worker
* UserNotificationHandler: fix messagebox type mismatches
* [kdiroperator] Allow accessing actions without KActionCollection
* KDirOperator: use KIO::DeleteOrTrashJob
* Add DeleteOrTrashJob
* [kopenwithdialog] Handle absence of a mime comment gracefully
* Port Windows-only code away from deprecated KIO API
* KFileItemListProperties: Better respect ioworker metadata
* KIO HTTP: Store error string for deferred result
* KFilePlacesView: Show busy indicator while (un)mounting a device
* KFilePlacesModel: Change teardown action to indicate teardown in progress
* KFilePlacesModel: Add DeviceAccessibilityRole
* KFilePlacesItem: Allow passing roles for dataChanged

### Kirigami

* icon: `itemSize` should be `size`
* FormLayout: remove top margin for TextArea
* BannerImage: fix title background not aligning to vertical center
* TabletModeWatcher: reduce the amount of blocking calls we do
* SingletonCreation: Make sure singletons are reused with the engine
* ToolBarLayout: Do not crash when a null action is passed
* set a11y properties on swipelistitem actions buttons
* Set is so that if there is at least 1 action in the CategorizedSettings pagestack that the current index is set to it on open
* DefaultCardBackground: Use simple drop shadow and less shadow
* FormLayout: Use const instead of let where possible
* Examples + tests: Update usage of actions in Page components
* Improve appearance of ListSectionHeader and remove list item separators by default
* GlobalDrawerActionItem: Simplify spacing
* GlobalDrawerActionItem: Use consistent spacing between icon and label, and left margin
* GlobalDrawerActionItem: Make icon size readonly
* GlobalDrawerActionItem: Don't increase icon size for mobile
* Fix verticalAlignment bindingloop in PlaceholderMessage
* WheelHandler: Fix memory leak
* ActionToolBar: let keyword not used
* ListSectionHeader: Elide when text overflows
* FormLayout: remove hack
* Remove cases where hoverEnabled is used in place of supportMouseEvents
* SearchField: Check for acceptableInput before firing an event
* GlobalToolBar: Expose the title padding property
* Check preventStealing earlier in ColumnView (bug 460345)
* Don't load page header components asynchronously by default
* SwipeListItem: Make sure we only show the aggressive warning when it's due (bug 455789)
* imagecolors: don't early return when there is no window for QQuickItem
* Avatar: fix blurry avatar when using Qt scaling (bug 356446)
* Fix ginormous FABs
* PC3/TextField,SearchField: Fix mirroring detection
* SearchField: Align search icon vertically
* SearchField,ActionTextField: Use non-destructive clear() method
* Doc: ActionTextField: Use StandardKey instead of hardcoded Ctrl+F string
* SearchField: Bump QML imports and fix code style
* BasicListItem: Make text more readable when using fadeContent property
* FormLayout: Fix nullable items
* Remove renderType workaround that was fixed in Qt 5.14.0 RC1
* Replace sizeForLabels with Units.iconSizes.medium/large where relevant
* AboutItem: make license text selectable
* make example build on qt6
* Remove unnecessary break statement

### KItemModels

* Also fix kconcatenaterows_qml test for static builds
* Fix ksortfilterproxymodel_qml test for static builds (bug 459321)

### KItemViews

* KCategoryDrawer: Update design to match Kirigami list categories

### KNewStuff

* KF5NewStuffCoreConfig.cmake: fix resolving QT_MAJOR_VERSION at generation
* [kmoretools] Replace QDesktopServices::openUrl with KIO::OpenUrlJob
* Add qtdesigner plugin for KNewStuffWidgets

### KParts

* [partloader] Remove references to KPluginLoader from docs
* Don't install service type definitions when building without deprecated stuff
* Add new functions to instantiate parts

### KRunner

* runnermanager: only emit `queryFinished` when previous jobs are still running

### KService

* Do not warn if KService("") is instantiated

### KTextEditor

* Set default mark type only if control is pressed
* Don't install desktop file for katepart when building against Qt6
* CamelCursor: Improve complex unicode handling (bug 461239)
* we want to shift unsigned ints
* auto completion got me
* remove file name for saveas only for remote files (bug 461161)
* Simplify and optimize KateScriptDocument::anchorInternal
* Indenter: Dart and Js fixes
* Fix js/dart indent in array
* Make Tab/Shift+Tab completion work
* Bring Shell-like tab completion back, and make it work
* Remove select all and deselect from context menu
* Remove double message about lack of access rights
* KateCompletionModel: Dont sort Group::prefilter
* KateCompletionModel: Simplify changeCompletions()
* Avoid detaching currentCompletion
* KateCompletionModel: Remove not needed setters
* Remove KateCompletionModel config from KateCompletionWidget
* Avoid excessive filtering and calls to modelContentChanged
* Completion: Avoid extra model reset
* Remove "Preview:" label in themes tab
* Fix fallback logic
* Fix tab order in search (bug 440888)
* fix clipboard selection update on shift mouse click (bug 443642)
* Ensure to set highlight on reload when file type was set by user (bug 454715)

### KUnitConversion

* Add missing forms for mass units: tonnes, ct, lbs
* add singular abbreviation forms as match strings for teaspoon and tablespoon

### KWallet Framework

* mark some binaries as non-gui
* Add support for plain transfer algorithm to Secret Service API (bug 458341)
* Change naming and order of FreedesktopSecret members to match the spec

### KWayland

* [registry] Bump PlasmaWindowManagement version to 16

### KWidgetsAddons

* avoid stating files during restore of recent files (bug 460868)
* Add a method to remove all actions in one go
* KTitleWidget: Constraint the frame size so it properly aligns (bug 460542)
* KPageDialog: Collapse margins also for flat list
* KToolBarPopupAction: Apply popupMode to existing widgets
* Deprecate KStandardGuiItem::yes() KStandardGuiItem::no()
* KMessageDialog: add API using "action" terms instead of "Yes" & "No"
* KMessageBox: add API using "action" terms instead of "Yes" & "No"
* Fix potential crash in fix for 458335

### NetworkManagerQt

* DeviceStatistics: Replace setRefreshRateMs call with manual DBus call
* Remove dead CMakeLists code

### Plasma Framework

* PC3/BusyIndicator: Disable hover, drop unused id, and shorten a comment
* Never time out tooltip while its control is still hovered (bug 397336)
* windowthumbnail 'count > 0' is always true
* Dialog: Avoid using plasmashell protocol when running in kwin
* Make KPackage an implementation detail of Plasma Applets
* Deprecate public includes for KPackage
* templates/cpp-plasmoid: Load icon as svg rather than svgz
* templates/cpp-plasmoid: Remove unneeded EnabledByDefault and X-Plasma-MainScript keys
* templates/cpp-plasmoid: Consistently require ECM, KF and Qt dependencies
* templates/cpp-plasmoid: Port to newer KPackageStructure key instead of ServiceTypes
* templates/cpp-plasmoid: Do not embed json file in plugin
* Create SVGZ files without embedded filename & timestamp -> reproducibility
* Oxygen: Drastically improve buttons
* Oxygen: Invert input box color and increase size
* Oxygen: Update Inkscape Metadata
* Oxygen: Fix tab bars not rendering, add N/E/S/W sides
* Oxygen: Fix active button size
* ExpandableListItem: Port to explicit signal handler parameter names
* Center the AppletPopup dialogs when possible
* framesvgitem: avoid unnecessary type conversion in `resizeFrame`
* framesvgitem: use `QQuickItem::size()` directly in `resizeFrame`
* framesvgitem: port two qMax to std::max
* framesvgitem: remove one unnecessary maxvalue comparison
* PC3/BusyIndicator: Revert RotationAnimator back to property interceptor syntax
* PC3/BusyIndicator: Fix hang & rapid jump on start
* PC3/BusyIndicator: Don't do extra work when animation starts
* PC3/BusyIndicator: Port opacity animation to Easing.OutCubic
* PC3/BusyIndicator: Center the active/rotating part of the control
* PC3/BusyIndicator: Fix QML/JS code style, bump imports
* fix refcount of dialog instances
* Fix name of margin hints of task manager (bug 456076)
* PC3/TextField,SearchField: Fix mirroring detection
* SearchField: Align search icon vertically
* SearchField,ActionTextField: Use non-destructive clear() method
* PC3/Slider: Fix tick marks direction for vertical orientation
* Manage the case someone is asking for the attached of an applet
* Fix scrollbar visibility when contentWidth or contentHeight is 0
* Drop deprecated KDeclarative::setupEngine calls
* iconitem: add test for devicePixelRatio
* svgitem: fix blurry icon on HiDPI screens
* iconitem: fix blurry icon on HiDPI screens
* Revert "Install a plugin for org.kde.plasma.plasmoid"
* Add 5G network icons
* ExpandableListItem: Simplify Accessible.description expression
* ExpandableListItem: Use uniform standard margins for actions list
* Perform initialization in initialization list
* IconItem: Use standard Units.longDuration for cross-fade animation

### Prison

* Convert code128 data table to binary literals
* Simplify QR reference PNG images

### QQC2StyleBridge

* Never time out tooltip while its control is still hovered
* TextField: Use effectiveHorizontalAlignment without extra mirroring for placeholder

### Syntax Highlighting

* Jira: improve highlighting
* Jira: fix Bold and Stroked Out highlight at start of line (bug 431268)
* CMake: fix nested parentheses highlinthing (bug 461151)
* systemd_unit: update to systemd v252
* Common List: optimize (~40% faster)
* Common Lisp: highlight numbers preceded by -
* Common Lisp: highlint 'symbol and #'symbol
* Common Lisp: add operators
* Common Lisp: add .el extension (emacs script)
* powershell.xml: Recognize variable substitutions in double quoted strings
* powershell.xml: Recognize single quoted strings
* debchangelog: add Forky
* debchangelog: add Lunar Lobster
* CMake: return() as Control Flow
* CMake: add Control Flow style for if, else, while, etc (bug 460596)
* Fix name (for consistency with CartoCSS MML)
* Better highlighting for some GIS-related file formats
* VHDL: support of VHDL-2008
* Nix: fix decimal numbers format and some performance changes
* Alerts: add NO-BREAK SPACE (nbsp) as keyword deliminator (bug 459972)
* Git Rebase: add missing commands
* Git Ignore: more highlight
* cmake.xml: New features for CMake 3.25
* Bash/Zsh: fix Parameter Expansion style for } in ${...}
* Zsh: add folding for group command
* Bash/Zsh: fix group command with coproc statement (bug 460301)
* use a constant container with range-based for loop to avoid copies
* Ansi/HtmlHighlighter: prefer QTextStream::readLineInto() to QTextStream::readLine() to avoid allocation
* fix AnsiHighlighter::highlightData() with valid definition, but without any context
* increment version number after keywords change
* cpp.xml: add missing QStringTokenizer class for highlighting
* Add folding for maps, structs and lists in elixir
* Add opendocument "flat XML" file types
* Add do: to tests
* Undo unintended line formating
* Remove any reference to fn being a definition
* Adapt tests to new output
* Add folding to elixir code

### Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

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