Include Skanpage in KDE Gear

Nate Graham nate at
Sat Jan 8 16:44:27 GMT 2022

+1, this is a really nice app and I think it makes sense to have on KDE 


On 1/8/22 04:00, Alexander Stippich wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to ask for Skanpage to be included into the KDE Gear release
> service.
> There has been one Skanpage release on the 1st November.
> The feedback has been good so far, I think.
> While there certainly is room for improvement, Skanpage does the job of multi-
> page scanning quite well already and is IMHO mature for this task.
> Hence, I would like to move it to a regular release cycle.
> Best regards,
> Alex

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