Amor Game

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Fri Dec 30 14:04:05 GMT 2022

Justin ha scritto:
> Hi Team,
> I know most are likely on holidays, just a quick bump on this request. If
> nobody has time to maintain Amor we can archive it.

Please don't.

Unless there are other technical reasons (for example, in the future point in
time where X11 is not supported anymore) then archiving is just removing the
repository from the public attention, even lower than this is now.

We had examples of repositories which has gotten new life because new people
stepped in to maintain them, archiving just make them more invisible. Also, it
makes us remove translations, with more burden to keep them back.

Those above are a general points, which don't just apply to amor.

It's really not a problem to keep it as it is.

If no one is going to port it to Qt6, when we close down Qt5 releases then we
will reevaluate it, as we did when we finally fully stopped releasing Qt4


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