Amor Game

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Fri Dec 30 13:25:18 GMT 2022

El divendres, 30 de desembre de 2022, a les 8:36:59 (CET), Justin va escriure:
> Hi Team,
> I know most are likely on holidays, just a quick bump on this request.
> If nobody has time to maintain Amor we can archive it.

I am a bit confused by your attitude change.

A few days ago you thought it was good enough to release it, now you want to 
bury it in archive mode.

Seems weird to me.

If you're looking for maintainers release-team seems the wrong place for it,  
i'd ask in kde-devel.


> Justin
> On 23/12/22 20:14, David Faure wrote:
> > On jeudi 22 d├ęcembre 2022 19:47:09 CET Jack wrote:
> >> Question:  Does the amor team want to support a released version?
> > 
> > Any universal statement about the elements of the empty set is true ;)

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