Amor Game

David Faure faure at
Wed Dec 21 20:35:57 GMT 2022

On mercredi 21 d├ęcembre 2022 20:55:15 CET Heiko Becker wrote:
> Hello Justin,
> On Wednesday, 21 December 2022 16:48:28 CET, Justin Zobel wrote:
> > Is this no longer released? No tags since 2015.
> > 
> >
> I'm not sure why one would expect releases if there are neither tarballs
> nor tags.
> Apparently it was removed from the Applications releases, because it wasn't
> ported to Qt5/KF5 at the time and it's X11 specific:

This is incorrect, it was ported to Qt5/KF5 later on.
In fact I can run it right now.

git at builds and runs just fine.

It might not have been released though, no idea about that.

David Faure, faure at,
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