Respin request for kconfigwidgets 5.101

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Dec 10 10:51:27 GMT 2022

El dissabte, 10 de desembre de 2022, a les 0:34:26 (CET), Luigi Toscano va 
> Hi,
> when implementing the injection of translations we missed the
> kf5_entry.desktop files for each language, leading to a regression (see
> ).
> Those files were historically a bit special.
> I've merged a fix that should let scripty properly inject them in a few
> hours (it may have been already run when you read this) and they should be
> applied to 5.101 as well (unless there are unexpected bugs):
> We probably want to implment better solution (i.e. translate the desktop
> file like any other desktop file, or grab the translations from somewhere
> else if available, like iso-codes?). But in the meantime let's fix 5.101.

Please let's not make this a 5.101.1

Having sparse .1 releases breaks flathub packaging (this is something we'll 
need to solve sometime) but given that 5.100 already had this problem i'd like 
5.101 to not have it too if possible


> Ciao

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