Plasma 5.24 Qt version

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Mon Oct 18 17:19:02 BST 2021

Plasma 5.24 plans to require Qt 5.15.2.  It is scheduled for release Feb 8
We also expect distros to use the KDE Qt 5 patch collection and are
unlikely to support distros which do not.
It'll also require the latest KDE Frameworks planned to be 5.91.

We have also scheduled dates for Plasma 5.25 and Plasma 5.26 during 2022.
These are likely to happen but we will switch to Plasma 6 development at
some time as yet unknown when Frameworks 6 becomes good to develop
against.  The final Plasma 5 release will get long term support status.
There's no other LTS releases planned.

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