Can we consider bumping up the Plasma 5.23 release by one week?

Neal Gompa ngompa13 at
Sat Jun 26 01:46:55 BST 2021

On Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 9:38 AM David Edmundson
<david at> wrote:
> We discussed this some more, and we are not in favour of moving
> forwards for Fedora:
> Reasons given were:
>  - It either cuts into our beta period, or causes us issues with
> framework releases.
>  - Fedora has regular releases anyway
> - It collides with the promo plans above
>  - .0 releases tend to not be a great UX anyway

The major issue (for us) with not pulling the Plasma 5.23 schedule[1]
up to align it better with the Fedora Linux 35 schedule[2] is that we
simply can't offer Plasma 5.23 during F35 Beta or F35 Final. A big
part of why I was comfortable with switching to Wayland by default[3]
for Fedora Linux 34 was that I was shipping the latest in-development
release at that time. Looking at the schedule now, we're basically
going to have to sit out of Plasma 5.23 like we did for Plasma 5.20
(we shipped Plasma 5.19.5 with Fedora Linux 33 GA and shipped Plasma
5.20 as an update a month later).

Ironically, this would be less of a problem if we weren't shipping
Wayland by default now... :P

At least it looks like the Plasma 5.23 Beta release is after the
branch period, so we can probably introduce it into Rawhide and
attempt to promote Rawhide during the beta period...

(As an aside, it seems weird to expect that .0 release to be bad...)


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