Appstream BoF notes

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Thu Jun 24 12:49:38 BST 2021

Appstream BoF notes
 - metadata updater rewrite should be its own repo so as not to break uses
of existing code
 - the rewrite should get tests to prove it works
 - much of this must be a solved problem, aren't appstream or other users
creating scripts that do these features? ideally it would go upstream to
   - appstreamcli has news-to-appstream converter and appstream-util has
similar, probably not very useful as we don't use news files
 - should changelogs be translateable?
    - possibly yes, shouldn't be super hard to support in scripty
 - "Date in iso standard e.g 04-03-2022" is not ISO format
 - Links to artifacts could be generated
 - release time checks prior to publishing tars? ideally.
 - checks done in neon at
 Actions: carl to close MR, put it in own repo (with a nice sounding name)
or release-tools repo or releaseme, update scripty to make changelogs
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