polkit-qt-1-0.114.0 released

Heiko Becker heiko.becker at kde.org
Sat Jun 19 13:48:08 BST 2021


this is mostly a maintenance release, shedding some cruft in the code as 
well as in the build system. As a consequence it requires Qt 5.5, cmake 
3.11 and a compiler capable of C++11. You can find the full changelog 


The tarball has been GPG-signed using the following 

* Use feature_summary()
* Drop PolkitQt1::version*() API declaration, never implemented
* Use target_sources to directly set sources instead of helper vars
* Include headers in example & test like external consumer would
* Set include dirs for linking libraries during build by target interface
* Generate version & config file in core build dir
* Use individual export headers/macros per each library
* Remove outdated template FindPolkitQt.cmake
* Remove module prefix from Qt includes in public headers
* Link polkit-qt-test to agent lib target, an include is used
* Remove module prefix from Qt includes of non-oublic headers
* Remove unused include
* Remove unneeded/unused include_directories
* Use more override
* Use more nullptr
* Port away from legacy LINK_PUBLIC & LINK_PRIVATE
* Fully qualify slot argument
* Use QStringLiteral
* Convert license statements to SPDX expressions
* Remove unused cmake macro files
* Let cmake set the C++ standard
* Port from Q_ENUMS to Q_ENUM 
* Make use of PkgConfig to find dependencies
* Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
* Use more nullptr
* API dox: reference KDE Frameworks, no longer KDE Development Platform
* Support API documentation generation with kapidox
* Make it compile without deprecated method


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