KDE Gear 21.04.2 packages available for packagers

Heiko Becker heiko.becker at kde.org
Tue Jun 8 20:04:14 BST 2021

On Tuesday, 8 June 2021 16:37:01 CEST, Harald Sitter wrote:
> file(GLOB...) is only evaluated when cmake itself is run in configure
> mode (i.e. on `make all` the glob isn't run again unless something
> else triggers a reconfigure so make implicitly runs cmake again) this
> can then result in the cache'd data during the build not being in sync
> with the actual data on disk and thus lead to slightly unexpected
> results. I'm not exactly sure that is a problem here as git builds
> generally won't contain docs l10n anyway, and release builds likely
> don't recycle the cache from an earlier (differently versioned)
> release build, and I expect the language list doesn't change that
> often to begin with. we could probably just use a glob.

Before we overengineer I tend to agree with the just-use-a-glob path, 
considering that exactly zero new languages were added to customizations 
since the splitting of kdelibs. sq was the last one, added almost 10 years 
ago (without hooking it properly up, the ones before that are from 2009), 
so in restrospect one would not be screwed by a GLOB if one had kept an 
un-reconfigured kdoctools build dir over the last 10 years...

Anyway, this discussion should probably happen in a MR. For now I kept it 
small and simple so that it can possibly get included in a respin of 
5.83.0, which coincidentally is the version current master of kturtle 
depends on, to make sure the docs can be built with Gear 21.08: 

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