Regression in remote thumbnail generation in KIO

David Faure faure at
Sat Dec 11 23:46:58 GMT 2021

On samedi 11 d├ęcembre 2021 12:43:51 CET Kai Uwe Broulik wrote:
> I suggest we hold back the release briefly, revert [1] and respin KIO as
> to not release a version with a severe regression.
> [1]

Hi Kai-Uwe,
thanks for the heads up and for the suggestion. It's done.

Packagers: please update KIO to the new tag:

kio v5.89.0-rc2
dd821fe65fd5a80d57e572c5d1074290ca183a0ca91bd9092747d72399d148cd  sources/kio-5.89.0.tar.xz

I'll wait until tomorrow to publish the release.

David Faure, faure at,
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