KDE Frameworks 5.81.0

Rik Mills rikmills at kubuntu.org
Mon Apr 5 18:21:38 BST 2021

On 05/04/2021 18:06, Christophe Giboudeaux wrote:
> Hey,
> On Saturday, 3 April 2021 22:50:48 CEST David Faure wrote:
>> Dear packagers,
>> KDE Frameworks 5.81.0 has been uploaded to the usual place.
>> New frameworks: none this time.
>> Public release next Saturday.
>> Thanks for the packaging work!
> kwayland fails to build:
> [   55s] /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/kwayland-5.81.0/src/client/
> plasmawindowmanagement.cpp:425:1: error: too many initializers for
> 'org_kde_plasma_window_listener'

That is because the changes in 5.81.0 requires plasma-wayland-protocols
>= 1.2.0, and you are presumably trying to build it against v1.1

Build the plasma-wayland-protocols 1.2.0 tar first, and it should work.

There was a discussion about this earlier on #plasma on freenode

In short, kwayland 5.81.0 needs to cmake depend on
plasma-wayland-protocols >= 1.2.0
At the moment that is not possible, as in an accompanying omission,
plasma-wayland-protocols 1.2.0 tar declares itself in cmake as 1.1. So
we are needing a respun plasma-wayland-protocols tar to fix its project
version, then once that is done, a respun kwayland that can correctly
depend on it.


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