Krita 4.4.0 and SeExpr

L. E. Segovia amy at
Sun Sep 6 13:57:21 BST 2020

Hey all,

dump link - I have tried to change it, but it seems that Invent only 
allows me to edit the changelog, not the associated links. I have added 
a reference to the copy on, and in the future I'll make 
sure to put the file there (or on, as there may be a 
few alphas) first before doing anything else.

upstream work - as I said in my Akademy talk yesterday, I don't hold 
much hope. I chose an outright fork for two reasons:
* I've been trying to contact them specially because of the locale bug, 
to no avail.
* The i18n team specifically rejected translating my work unless it was 
an outright fork under the KDE umbrella.

The latter is a big source of the difficulty of upstreaming this.

I apologise for any pains-in-booty caused by this. If there's any way I 
can help make it easier for any packagers out there, please ping me back 
or write to me directly.

Best regards,


On 06/09/2020 09:59, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> On Saturday, 5 September 2020 15:42:23 CEST Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
>> We intend to release krita 4.4.0 this month. Krita 4.4.0 will have a new
>> dependency: SeExpr.
> .. ok, that's a Walt Disney open source thing, that's packaged in surprisingly
> few places already: . FreeBSD is
> one of them.
>> It is important to package the SeExpr we release from because
>> of a host of bug fixes and because this version of SeExpr can be
>> translated.
> Is there any hope of this getting upstream? For systems with seexpr already
> packaged, packaging up a one-consumer fork is a pain in the butt (but if it's
> needed for Krita, then it'll just have to happen, and thank you for the heads-
> up).
>> An alpha package is available from
>> z.
> You might want to change the link in the release on invent, which still points
> to amyspark's dump-files.
> [ade]
amyspark 🌸

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