KDE Frameworks 5.74.0

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun Sep 6 13:17:43 BST 2020

Dear packagers,

KDE Frameworks 5.74.0 has been uploaded to the usual place.

New frameworks: none this time.

Public release next Saturday.

Thanks for the packaging work!

David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5
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attica v5.74.0-rc1
8b52e5be795bd3c5200d516333800a745ea8c550208460faac5f456a0c245e0d  sources/attica-5.74.0.tar.xz
baloo v5.74.0-rc1
780b30431c2c9a3d8b30589962116be6f788355ea82fed0c800027e5de69cee0  sources/baloo-5.74.0.tar.xz
bluez-qt v5.74.0-rc1
2671e9d2cd12a8a6ff55f268e9fa3f5c05f2c629a7649e4e81fb12eab7cfdd2d  sources/bluez-qt-5.74.0.tar.xz
breeze-icons v5.74.0-rc1
6c099844c748b301f9c8852c015127242b8a6205c3fc876115b2a3d0625cfa0e  sources/breeze-icons-5.74.0.tar.xz
extra-cmake-modules v5.74.0-rc1
71406067bcd99ac106e0e3bfbb073653b18fd6d01039c0298d9767680977364f  sources/extra-cmake-modules-5.74.0.tar.xz
frameworkintegration v5.74.0-rc1
70afc459048776b0e74ed549687833fefe78db5e4c93189639a223ba43a90ba5  sources/frameworkintegration-5.74.0.tar.xz
kactivities v5.74.0-rc1
da5e23b9a59572852c74e207f3acc00b38ff420008c8dfa5f970b748c2c2ae0e  sources/kactivities-5.74.0.tar.xz
kactivities-stats v5.74.0-rc1
57858648049ac607f3d6003a22f58a66a2bf5e981b8eda45663fb09b5234dece  sources/kactivities-stats-5.74.0.tar.xz
kapidox v5.74.0-rc1
7c5b56b924fe6ae5b3a183d4ff5236cb8c6690fc2bda2f685073d620ec61d2c0  sources/kapidox-5.74.0.tar.xz
karchive v5.74.0-rc1
deba7aedd9cbf707a56cabeb33d231d64db36c3e5ff866b543c374613be1fc21  sources/karchive-5.74.0.tar.xz
kauth v5.74.0-rc1
e0aa6206c4bf9220d1c4882b8b77f9cf9202646b64b8a249a60a9d4b272e3bfc  sources/kauth-5.74.0.tar.xz
kbookmarks v5.74.0-rc1
d72d6ea4c97757dd940353c2b70ef1b8645ae1a9659bfaf1236dc90df3a3eac2  sources/kbookmarks-5.74.0.tar.xz
kcalendarcore v5.74.0-rc1
003cb076e3094d8327049f776b176ea1c1365f810e3dc8d245938b6c76598e82  sources/kcalendarcore-5.74.0.tar.xz
kcmutils v5.74.0-rc1
c2d54364997ed75961ad875d73a667f6bc8d6732cfacd7ad40ba84c594d567c7  sources/kcmutils-5.74.0.tar.xz
kcodecs v5.74.0-rc1
5a69b9224e9fb89b729e6c0c478d6a0c353a65a4ef0134059b6772f904b8f6a3  sources/kcodecs-5.74.0.tar.xz
kcompletion v5.74.0-rc1
5bec7f31bab8eb724bfb01690bd1585b43eccca4e37c80cc3729af2f7c7b2875  sources/kcompletion-5.74.0.tar.xz
kconfig v5.74.0-rc1
dfeff0649f8987f88a01827c06468b87547509d9e46920902a55f6a0d6adc5db  sources/kconfig-5.74.0.tar.xz
kconfigwidgets v5.74.0-rc1
e14b5b409c7b242796ca7119cb9d41b11728222b79e00bdcc62822d991120dd4  sources/kconfigwidgets-5.74.0.tar.xz
kcontacts v5.74.0-rc1
4e669178cff15812c4c3281a0505ab87e55a6820fa0c1974164f9c77d0eda10c  sources/kcontacts-5.74.0.tar.xz
kcoreaddons v5.74.0-rc1
e122d0750c594dc68dea20e40c833b6615f5ddf21a2b2e439c7236e73f4523a8  sources/kcoreaddons-5.74.0.tar.xz
kcrash v5.74.0-rc1
4aaffaed77c0aebf7f68183ed2256173a35c7200be1e99984cbfd9c9f332b07f  sources/kcrash-5.74.0.tar.xz
kdav v5.74.0-rc1
4c7e67756e1ac72c65bb560ab0714edcfe7890d9f52d813f86e1db16f37f8dc1  sources/kdav-5.74.0.tar.xz
kdbusaddons v5.74.0-rc1
e2c5131e7eb0daaa348801ed1b553dd043918663f6dcaa50ad95f55e0d30b4a2  sources/kdbusaddons-5.74.0.tar.xz
kdeclarative v5.74.0-rc1
387c41626c145ddd1fc76d102b5ceaf37321cd02ca7395a10084cfd009bd0422  sources/kdeclarative-5.74.0.tar.xz
kded v5.74.0-rc1
e6bf23e59afbd7d1f89082f748db1c0370413a40c99bdfc6f08a54fbd58471f1  sources/kded-5.74.0.tar.xz
kdelibs4support v5.74.0-rc1
39547b7b312d7b2abece14c8692256a9aa55c8ceba816e8f39d4bc861b742be2  sources/portingAids/kdelibs4support-5.74.0.tar.xz
kdesignerplugin v5.74.0-rc1
14370fa37567e0ea9e4f2bbb34605b218b3bbad70e4c2945bd5bf179dd9e4f79  sources/portingAids/kdesignerplugin-5.74.0.tar.xz
kdesu v5.74.0-rc1
7b59327835ca7a49e26e1adcc69b94309025d1ce82b53673e82edf43ad8d8afc  sources/kdesu-5.74.0.tar.xz
kdewebkit v5.74.0-rc1
b13bbb90d80ce9fc633aff15059363513d3242746984909d08c84db33af66a45  sources/portingAids/kdewebkit-5.74.0.tar.xz
kdnssd v5.74.0-rc1
5c07b6dbe07ca994fcae084af0a9c2703d1450ad52d371be09cc849ba5f40cd0  sources/kdnssd-5.74.0.tar.xz
kdoctools v5.74.0-rc1
4b54e7a7fb1328ceb4c0a95d620f226c8d8401f93ef28f165e37783b0ce3054e  sources/kdoctools-5.74.0.tar.xz
kemoticons v5.74.0-rc1
405c1d72ed812a6915276b9810e997b17572f7ecf66d58dea8869eed45da3702  sources/kemoticons-5.74.0.tar.xz
kfilemetadata v5.74.0-rc1
c5fab0101a39265eeb1884522ed548ae106cd434d6313be1fc0bdba4f29dc5a8  sources/kfilemetadata-5.74.0.tar.xz
kglobalaccel v5.74.0-rc1
492d0f4198dc7bbfcfaf518804d9a99d22ac49a27ffb3816d147d36be159318f  sources/kglobalaccel-5.74.0.tar.xz
kguiaddons v5.74.0-rc1
bb7c5b88e1738b22571f2f135202b3c08230911fcb8d089b8676d4d59af4578b  sources/kguiaddons-5.74.0.tar.xz
kholidays v5.74.0-rc1
effb264ecd3b439c01a7b52f33ef2f6ee77083322300d66d3e8f7369b43f9b8f  sources/kholidays-5.74.0.tar.xz
khtml v5.74.0-rc1
f656f2796ccaa0f47bec33e36b4f7d53cd80dc8a5393ce869a7ae6c8c2bc67e5  sources/portingAids/khtml-5.74.0.tar.xz
ki18n v5.74.0-rc1
bcbb95a81cd8f808fc8314741309c4b4ec25fc1c347e285a7cfefc006df3009c  sources/ki18n-5.74.0.tar.xz
kiconthemes v5.74.0-rc1
f51f0c75f50da3d119448f387c65fa69785c2c1bc82b61407bb92bf80cab31b5  sources/kiconthemes-5.74.0.tar.xz
kidletime v5.74.0-rc1
62ba9e38467e74e928191200109e9312f1f6959a6b9474bf1a47c95833ae7feb  sources/kidletime-5.74.0.tar.xz
kimageformats v5.74.0-rc1
732c94512a26ff4c4fcdea46ce26fcd7c700c129188c181115fbb0facac937fe  sources/kimageformats-5.74.0.tar.xz
kinit v5.74.0-rc1
e952750a9d2c5d72f2fbf8faff55ffdae0e667bf5fc4e1e1f1fd985464bb8092  sources/kinit-5.74.0.tar.xz
kio v5.74.0-rc1
916a2dd66b8260575bcb70d17c0ebde613676d4426619ac056094b6be3f1b0f7  sources/kio-5.74.0.tar.xz
kirigami v5.74.0-rc1
9706915f219ef9394b030dbb24974d4fddef091008954cf75cf97cc97586e35f  sources/kirigami2-5.74.0.tar.xz
kitemmodels v5.74.0-rc1
89c91051445137959e3dd7276d428adaff09b1ca9980f37d4a66d0c34c7b36c1  sources/kitemmodels-5.74.0.tar.xz
kitemviews v5.74.0-rc1
09417ce8b84dc81575ec3612ad0c19d923b2511051c0cb3b98282a013bae5ef7  sources/kitemviews-5.74.0.tar.xz
kjobwidgets v5.74.0-rc1
76fd0c9634316b5d18fe9e25e77a5511fd2bddd0beef3d5207aca811718c2299  sources/kjobwidgets-5.74.0.tar.xz
kjs v5.74.0-rc1
4f097c24570319b7dd825a875eff8cb9911e06f8fc552a4547f281cb4eebbb34  sources/portingAids/kjs-5.74.0.tar.xz
kjsembed v5.74.0-rc1
7d2f26648f9df429d84db67b2fe35731cbf29b9c0a49d48c26e519cd094f1be4  sources/portingAids/kjsembed-5.74.0.tar.xz
kmediaplayer v5.74.0-rc1
a97d2b7439219b1cf2c0c0430d30d586ea937f0fc0e9f3f9d98823db0c2cb78a  sources/portingAids/kmediaplayer-5.74.0.tar.xz
knewstuff v5.74.0-rc1
638ba6cee3091a94a0ef60977b6e22c7b58267ea6fd1bc17d3e7ac47bd9a3d27  sources/knewstuff-5.74.0.tar.xz
knotifications v5.74.0-rc1
cbf41ef923a5af6fb5964c8d46a5c52eed023e6c6e8e3e8b74079ff41307927c  sources/knotifications-5.74.0.tar.xz
knotifyconfig v5.74.0-rc1
8586b39c621068ef31e74884e20cc061577ae8bec50e6e75c88e9bcab46d8e55  sources/knotifyconfig-5.74.0.tar.xz
kpackage v5.74.0-rc1
b5616d265b2f404b3bc8e389644185d66bf59a685ab40bbf646d36c3f56ff6ae  sources/kpackage-5.74.0.tar.xz
kparts v5.74.0-rc1
c7dd6ac7d4697f2ac5a63445630997b3f6ccad3b7e65752eb52311a396763504  sources/kparts-5.74.0.tar.xz
kpeople v5.74.0-rc1
8be0f4cc2223637137f51ee67f4bf2540917dc72be6dfccae01960c9ab0c70c8  sources/kpeople-5.74.0.tar.xz
kplotting v5.74.0-rc1
135adb95ebed1cbc1b29a481ee0fcbaf25003dbb2449a119c147c3b661377eaa  sources/kplotting-5.74.0.tar.xz
kpty v5.74.0-rc1
9760f656b565e4d2fcd6190062eae7021c338d73f73c59ce299d7ecca0b6aaec  sources/kpty-5.74.0.tar.xz
kquickcharts v5.74.0-rc1
ee8eeb869fc365d96f37246750c131130255dd12ef6791d40b8ea3e971f6ed83  sources/kquickcharts-5.74.0.tar.xz
kross v5.74.0-rc1
7437097d4440df07eb69a1e07c1353508ab93916023cf2f9a02a3005d51b1c5c  sources/portingAids/kross-5.74.0.tar.xz
krunner v5.74.0-rc1
ab1c004a8bffa8f88f5aac3b993fca265a5da3b4210c0359c15b8f68f77c65ec  sources/krunner-5.74.0.tar.xz
kservice v5.74.0-rc1
9c8eb1a8d83909401d837b8ecc40d495bd7612b2fd4d3ea1894967ba881ad9da  sources/kservice-5.74.0.tar.xz
ktexteditor v5.74.0-rc1
2cb91de5b56e1b6ebcfbbbb923aae8baa644a168e10e14222b31e21e17ecc4a1  sources/ktexteditor-5.74.0.tar.xz
ktextwidgets v5.74.0-rc1
dcb8ba04284bca6436d83b6c3d8137f5ba1da881aa4feab9eb656de29a2ee742  sources/ktextwidgets-5.74.0.tar.xz
kunitconversion v5.74.0-rc1
55a6cc919bea7e09582709c11bcce33c51bd714f1846c941ccbf240a15cad959  sources/kunitconversion-5.74.0.tar.xz
kwallet v5.74.0-rc1
7abcf5230c7112628d4b1ac37648ab2d7fb147e4fda61e7aa0fd0da1d59cb0a1  sources/kwallet-5.74.0.tar.xz
kwayland v5.74.0-rc1
27c04e1a77df7af476fdcfcbc175c9078fc636a6ab10fa9cc41c6029400631fb  sources/kwayland-5.74.0.tar.xz
kwidgetsaddons v5.74.0-rc1
5b61c13a6ebb1e248fe38bd3912919f4bf6be93d74bb2f8b1d97caf6dd9a2342  sources/kwidgetsaddons-5.74.0.tar.xz
kwindowsystem v5.74.0-rc1
33da54b0f76a661919445c9352c04cc23f9b6a0f4c842a76aa810091ca09b12f  sources/kwindowsystem-5.74.0.tar.xz
kxmlgui v5.74.0-rc1
c5601a811c5d680b370ccf0388de71a49af090718b5f25716c38ce9689c783a1  sources/kxmlgui-5.74.0.tar.xz
kxmlrpcclient v5.74.0-rc1
df71bc7082721c83fcccdc4bc221eb456bcff01cc50b29494ed3054e268363c9  sources/portingAids/kxmlrpcclient-5.74.0.tar.xz
modemmanager-qt v5.74.0-rc1
4f7e93ed667aef5b4189efd25a05cba8c59682298534438e14dcac995b8e466d  sources/modemmanager-qt-5.74.0.tar.xz
networkmanager-qt v5.74.0-rc1
2da8d87b188b6b4870d7128eca2562f442c32dce7928ac237e2deacb046cd154  sources/networkmanager-qt-5.74.0.tar.xz
oxygen-icons5 v5.74.0-rc1
a6627b15fc386c31ae97ceb27ab85acaf06e5daccd7cf8740a8d5acf3debb073  sources/oxygen-icons5-5.74.0.tar.xz
plasma-framework v5.74.0-rc1
19fdc34706298f68948f9a78ac8664c0fd963435e9e1a60ff005b496c3e01842  sources/plasma-framework-5.74.0.tar.xz
prison v5.74.0-rc1
8cf56653c591ec2110fb39c91dd3cff60a68ca2b60e32d7c9fae14944636da51  sources/prison-5.74.0.tar.xz
purpose v5.74.0-rc1
1f65696558e82808b2beb3715da2e833a6e1f214f33bcc670ef0f023bb044205  sources/purpose-5.74.0.tar.xz
qqc2-desktop-style v5.74.0-rc1
1605a9904ae59ed2acb3439bedfa1acb51dcb02d59f1e4b37d9c64ee45b7be83  sources/qqc2-desktop-style-5.74.0.tar.xz
solid v5.74.0-rc1
70e2356267ed1fdd3a13cd729d91c622aad1ea68a51e1172b0ed9db2468cd4e6  sources/solid-5.74.0.tar.xz
sonnet v5.74.0-rc1
ec72860cac92a9611b15f1055592434cf2bb44fe428abb474f4f227b4f9f94d6  sources/sonnet-5.74.0.tar.xz
syndication v5.74.0-rc1
b4049d28a956fb4783f44262a01dec66067b3f7eb45040eef2939f7b06941ca8  sources/syndication-5.74.0.tar.xz
syntax-highlighting v5.74.0-rc1
a29fad2b869df141d0e68c4b61769c20759dc1b31be7a8570e2b717a18a08e9b  sources/syntax-highlighting-5.74.0.tar.xz
threadweaver v5.74.0-rc1
32ecaf58bf1d2ab2e7f92d98f592b2169d6e2e320d632d225ceaeccc5fb17d62  sources/threadweaver-5.74.0.tar.xz
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### Attica

* Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition

### Baloo

* Relicense many files to LGPL-2.0-or-later
* Use common UDS creation code also for tags (bug 419429)
* Factor out common UDS creation code from KIO workers
* [balooctl] Show allowed formats in help text
* [balooctl] Show current file in status output in indexing state
* [balooctl] Set QDBusServiceWatcher mode from constructor
* [balooctl] Formatting cleanup
* Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
* [OrPostingIterator] Do not advance when wanted id is lower than current
* [Extractor] Remove QWidgets dependency from extractor helper
* [Extractor] Remove KAboutData from extractor helper executable
* Update various references in README
* [FileContentIndexer] Remove unused config constructor argument and member
* [balooctl] Fix QProcess::start deprecated warning, provide empty args list
* [Engine] Propagate transaction errors (bug 425017)
* [Engine] Remove unsused method hasChanges from {Write}Transaction
* Don't index .ytdl files (bug 424925)

### Breeze Icons

* Make the keepassxc icon more faithful to the official one
* Add more symlinks for new keepassxc system tray icon names (bug 425928)
* Add another alias for keepass icon (bug 425928)
* Add icon for Godot project MIME type
* Add icon for Anaconda installer
* Add 96px places icons
* Remove unused places to communicate
* Run application-x-bzip-compressed-tar through `scour` (bug 425089)
* Make application-gzip symlink to application-x-gzip (bug 425059)
* Add aliases for MP3 icons (bug 425059)

### Extra CMake Modules

* Strip leading zeros from numerical version numbers in C++ code
* Add timeout for qmlplugindump calls
* Add WaylandProtocols find module
* invoke update-mime-database with -n

### Framework Integration

* Clarify license statement according to KDElibs History

### KActivitiesStats

* Use Boost::boost for older CMake versions

### KActivities

* Drop empty X-KDE-PluginInfo-Depends

### KDE Doxygen Tools

* Document dependencies in requirements.txt and install them in setup.py
* Opt-In Display of Library License

### KAuth

* Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition

### KBookmarks

* KBookmarkManager: clear memory tree when the file is deleted

### KCalendarCore

* Always store X-KDE-VOLATILE-XXX properties as volatile
* Document the expected TZ transitions in Prague

### KCMUtils

* KCModuleData: Fix headers, improve api doc and rename method
* Extend KCModuleData with revertToDefaults and matchQuery functionnality
* Try to avoid horizontal scrollbar in KCMultiDialog
* Add KCModuleData as base class for plugin
* Allow extra button to be added to KPluginSelector (bug 315829)

### KConfig

* Make KWindowConfig::allConnectedScreens() static and internal (bug 425953)
* Add standard shortcut for "Create Folder"
* Introduce method to query KConfigSkeletonItem default value
* Remember window sizes on a per-screen-arrangement basis
* Extract code to get list of connected screens into a re-usable function
* Add functions to save and restore window positions on non-Wayland platforms (bug 415150)

### KConfigWidgets

* Avoid swapping defaults to read KConfigSkeletonItem default value
* Fix KLanguageName::nameForCodeInLocale for codes that QLocale doesn't know about
* KLanguageName::allLanguageCodes: Take into account there can be more than one locale directory
* KConfigDialog: Try to avoid horizontal scrollbars
* Function that returns the list of Language Codes

### KContacts

* Addressee::parseEmailAddress(): Check length of full name before trimming

### KCoreAddons

* Add *.kcrash glob pattern to KCrash Report MIME type
* Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
* Do not wait for fam events indefinitely (bug 423818)
* [KFormat] Allow formatting values to arbitrary binary units
* Make it possible to KPluginMetadata from QML
* [KFormat] Fix binary example

### KDAV

* metainfo.yaml: Add tier key and tweak description

### KDeclarative

* [KKeySequenceItem] Make Meta+Shift+num shortcuts work
* Expose checkForConflictsAgainst property
* Add a new AbstractKCM class
* Port KRunProxy away from KRun

### KDED

* org.kde.kded5.desktop: Add missing required key "Name" (bug 408802)

### KDocTools

* Update contributor.entities
* Use placeholder markers

### KEmoticons

* Recover EmojiOne license information

### KFileMetaData

* Convert old Mac line endings in lyrics tags (bug 425563)
* Port to ECM new FindTaglib module

### KGlobalAccel

* Load service files for shortcuts for applications data dir as fallback (bug 421329)

### KI18n

* Fix possible preprocessor race condition with i18n defines

### KIO

* StatJob: make mostLocalUrl work only with protoclClass == :local
* KPropertiesDialog: also load plugins with JSON metadata
* Revert "[KUrlCompletion] Don't append / to completed folders" (bug 425387)
* Simplify KProcessRunner constructor
* Allow CCBUG and FEATURE keywords for bugs.kde.org (bug )
* Update help text for editing the app command in a .desktop entry to comply with current spec (bug 425145)
* KFileFilterCombo: Don't add the allTypes option if we only have 1 item
* Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
* Fix potential crash deleting a menu in event handler (bug 402793)
* [filewidgets] Fix KUrlNavigatorButton padding on breadcrumb (bug 425570)
* ApplicationLauncherJob: tweak docs
* Fix untranlated items in kfileplacesmodel
* ApplicationLauncherJob: fix crash if there's no open-with handler set
* Rename "Web Shortcuts" KCM to "Web Search Keywords"
* KFileWidget: reparse config to grab dirs added by other instances of the app (bug 403524)
* Move web shortcuts kcm to search category
* Automatically remove trailing whitespace instead of showing a warning
* Avoid systemd launched applications from closing forked children (bug 425201)
* smb: fix share name availability check
* smb: keep stderr of net commands on add/remove (bug 334618)
* smb: rejigger guest allowed check and publish as areGuestsAllowed
* KFileWidget: Clear urls before rebuilding the list
* KFileWidget: remove default URLs top path combo
* KFilePlacesModel: add default places when upgrading from older version
* Fix 2-years regression in KUrlComboBox, setUrl() didn't append anymore

### Kirigami

* kirigami.pri: Add managedtexturenode.cpp
* make buddyfor custom positioning work again
* Account for More button size if we already know it will be visible
* Add a property to ToolBarLayout to control how to deal with item height (bug 425675)
* make checkbox labels readable again
* support displayComponent for actions
* make submenus visible
* Fix QSGMaterialType forward declaration
* Make OverlaySheet header and footer use appropriate background colors
* Check low power environment variable for value, not just if it is set
* Add setShader function to ShadowedRectangleShader to simplify setting shaders
* Add a low power version of the sdf functions file
* Make overloads of sdf_render use the full-argument sdf_render function
* Remove need for core profile defines in shadowedrect shader main
* Base inner rectangle on outer rectangle for bordered shadowedrectangle
* Use the right shaders for ShadowedTexture when using core profile
* Add "lowpower" versions of the shadowedrectangle shaders
* Initialize m_component member in PageRoute
* Fix Material SwipeListItem
* new logic to remove acceleration marks (bug 420409)
* remove forceSoftwarerendering for now
* just show the source item on software rendering
* a software fallback for the shadowed texture
* Use the new showMenuArrow property on background for the menu arrow
* don't hide the header when overshooting up
* move ManagedTextureNode in own file
* ToolBarLayout: Add spacing to visibleWidth if we're displaying the more button
* Do not override Heading pixel size in BreadCrumbControl (bug 404396)
* Update app template
* [passivenotification] Set explicit padding (bug 419391)
* Enable clipping in the GlobalDrawer StackView
* Remove opacity from disabled PrivateActionToolButton
* Make ActionToolBar a control
* swipenavigator: add control over which pages are displayed
* Declare the underlying type of the DisplayHint enum to be uint
* Add ToolBarLayout/ToolBarLayoutDelegate to pri file
* kirigami.pro: Use source file list from kirigami.pri
* Do not delete incubators in completion callback
* Ensure menuActions remains an array instead of a list property
* Add return type to DisplayHint singleton lambda
* Account for item height when vertically centering delegates
* Always queue a new layout, even if we are currently layouting
* Rework InlineMessage layout using anchors
* Use full width to check if all actions fit
* Add a comment about the extra spacing for centering
* Fix check for tooltip text in PrivateActionToolButton
* Workaround qqc2-desktop-style ToolButton not respecting non-flat IconOnly
* Prefer collapsing KeepVisible actions over hiding later KeepVisible actions
* Hide all following actions when the first action gets hidden
* Add a notify signal for ToolBarLayout::actions and emit it at the right time
* Expose action to separator of ActionsMenu
* Rename ActionsMenu loaderDelegate kirigamiAction property to action
* Add missing loaderDelegate that checks visibility
* Hide action delegates until they are positioned
* ToolBarLayout: Replace custom lazy-loading of delegates with QQmlIncubator
* Move displayHintSet to C++ so it can be called from there
* Support right-to-left mode in ToolBarLayout
* Add minimumWidth property to ToolBarLayout
* Rework PrivateActionToolButton for improved performance
* Deprecate ActionToolBar::hiddenActions
* Set layout hints for ActionToolBar
* Use non-deprecated DisplayHint in ToolBarPageHeader
* Display component errors if delegate items fail instantiation
* Hide delegates of actions that were removed
* Cleanup full/icon delegate items on delegate destruction
* Enfore full/icon delegate item visibility
* Use ToolBarLayout for ActionToolBar's layouting
* Add some comments to ToolBarLayout::maybeHideDelegate
* Add visibleWidth property to ToolBarLayout
* Introduce ToolBarLayout native object
* Move DisplayHint from Action to C++ enums file
* Add icons used in the about page to cmake icon packaging macro

### KNewStuff

* Fix cache sync issues with QtQuick dialog (bug 417985)
* Drop empty X-KDE-PluginInfo-Depends
* Remove entries if they do not match filter anymore (bug 425135)
* Fix edge case where KNS gets stuck (bug 423055)
* Make the internal kpackage job task less fragile (bug 425811)
* Remove downloaded file when using kpackage installation
* Support a different style of kpackage knsrc for fallback
* Handle /* notation for RemoveDeadEntries (bug 425704)
* Make it easier to get the cache for an already initialised engine
* Add a reverse lookup for entries based on their installed files
* Use /* notation for subdir uncompression and allow subdir uncompression if file is archive
* Fix flood of "Pixmap is a null pixmap" warnings
* Remove slashes from entry name when interpreting it as path (bug 417216)
* Fix a sometimes-crash with the KPackageJob task (bug 425245)
* Use same spinner for loading and initializing (bug 418031)
* Remove details button (bug 424895)
* Run uninstall script async (bug 418042)
* Disable search when not available
* Hide load more spinner while updating/installing (bug 422047)
* Do not append download target dir to entry files
* Remove * character when passing dir to script
* Do not focus first element in icon view mode (bug 424894)
* Avoid unnecessary starting of uninstall job
* Add a RemoveDeadEntries option for knsrc files (bug 417985)
* [QtQuick dialog] Fix last instance of incorrect update icon
* [QtQuick dialog] Use more appropriate uninstall icons

### KPackage Framework

* Do not delete package root if package was deleted (bug 410682)

### KQuickCharts

* Add a fillColorSource property to Line charts
* Calculate smoothing based on item size and device pixel ratio
* Use average of size instead of maximum to determine line smoothness
* Base amount of smoothing in line charts on chart size

### KRunner

* Add template for python runner
* Update template for KDE Store compatibility and improve README
* Add support for runner syntaxes to dbus runners
* Save RunnerContext after each match session (bug 424505)

### KService

* Implement invokeTerminal on Windows with workdir, command and envs
* Fix application preference ordering for mimetypes with multiple inheritance (bug 425154)
* Bundle the Application servicetype into a qrc file
* Expand tilde character when reading working directory (bug 424974)

### KTextEditor

* Vimode: Make the small delete register (-) directly accessible
* Vimode: Copy the behavior of vim's numbered registers
* Vimode: Simplify the append-copy implementation
* Make "search for selection" search if there is no selection
* Multiline mode makes sense only for mutli-line regex
* Add comment about checking pattern.isEmpty()
* Port the search interface from QRegExp to QRegularExpression
* Vimode: Implement append-copy
* Speed up a *lot* loading large files
* Only show zoom level when it is not 100%
* Add a zoom indicator to the status bar
* Added a separate config option for bracket match preview
* Show a preview of the matching open bracket's line
* Allow more control over invocation of completion models when automatic invocation is not used

### KWallet Framework

* Avoid clash with a macro in ctype.h from OpenBSD

### KWidgetsAddons

* Add KRecentFilesMenu to replace KRecentFileAction

### KWindowSystem

* Install platform plugins in a directory with no dots in file name (bug 425652)
* [xcb] Scaled icon geometry correctly everywhere


* Allow opting out of remembering window positions on X11 (bug 415150)
* Save and restore position of main window (bug 415150)

### Plasma Framework

* [PC3/BusyIndicator] Avoid running invisible animation
* Don't use highlightedTextColor for TabButtons
* Remove Layout.minimumWidth from Button and ToolButton
* Use the spacing property for the spacing between Button/ToolButton icons and labels
* Add private/ButtonContent.qml for PC3 Buttons and ToolButtons
* Change PC3 Button and ToolButton implicitWidth and implicitHeight to account for inset values
* Add implicitWidth and implicitHeight to ButtonBackground
* Fix incorrect default for PlasmaExtras.ListItem (bug 425769)
* Don't let the background become smaller than the svg (bug 424448)
* Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
* Make PC3 BusyIndicator visuals keep a 1:1 aspect ratio (bug 425504)
* Use ButtonFocus and ButtonHover in PC3 ComboBox
* Use ButtonFocus and ButtonHover in PC3 RoundButton
* Use ButtonFocus and ButtonHover in PC3 CheckIndicator
* Unify the flat/normal behavior of PC3 Buttons/ToolButtons (bug 425174)
* Make Heading use PC3 Label
* [PlasmaComponents3] Make checkbox text fill its layout
* Give PC2 slider implicitWidth and implicitHeight
* Copy files rather than broken symlinks
* Fix toolbutton-hover margins in button.svg (bug #425255)
* [PlasmaComponents3] very small refactor of ToolButton shadow code
* [PlasmaComponents3] Fix reversed condition for flat ToolButton shadow
* [PlasmaComponents3] Strip mnemonic ampersands from tooltip text
* Only draw the focus indicator when we got focus via the keyboard (bug 424446)
* Drop implicit minimum sizing from PC2 and PC3 Buttons
* Add PC3 equivalent to PC2 ListItem
* Fix toolbar svg
* [pc3] Make ToolBar more aligned with qqc2-desktop-style one
* Expose the applet metadata in AppletInterface
* Don't truncate DPR to an integer in cache ID
* Add timeout property to ToolTipArea
* Set type to Dialog in flags if type is Dialog::Normal

### Purpose

* Apply initial configuration data when loading config UI
* Restore behaviour of AlternativesView
* [jobcontroller] Disable separate process
* Rework job view handling (bug 419170)

### QQC2StyleBridge

* Fix StandardKey shortcut sequences in MenuItem showing as numbers
* Don't use parent height/width for implicit ToolSeparator sizing (bug 425949)
* Only use "focus" style for non-flat toolbuttons on press
* Add top and bottom padding to ToolSeparator
* Make ToolSeparator respect topPadding and bottomPadding values
* Make MenuSeparator use background's calculated height not implicitheight
* Fix toolbuttons with menus using newer Breeze
* Draw the entire CheckBox control via the QStyle

### Solid

* Adding static storageAccessFromPath method, needed by https://phabricator.kde.org/D28745

### Syndication

* Correct license exception

### Syntax Highlighting

* convert all themes to new keys for editor colors
* change theme json format, use meta object enum names for editor colors
* check kateversion >= 5.62 for fallthroughContext without fallthrough="true" and use attrToBool for boolean attribute
* Add syntax definition for todo.txt
* fix matchEscapedChar(): the last character of a line is ignored
* Fix isDigit(), isOctalChar() and isHexChar(): must only match ascii characters
* generate themes overview
* add theme meta data to header of HTML pages we generate
* start to generate theme collection page
* rename 'Default' to 'Breeze Light'
* Varnish, Vala & TADS3: use the default color style
* Improve the Vim Dark color theme
* Add Vim Dark color theme
* add syntax-highlighting theme files to json highlighting
* Ruby/Rails/RHTML: add spellChecking in itemDatas
* Ruby/Rails/RHTML: use the default color style and other improvements
* LDIF, VHDL, D, Clojure & ANS-Forth94: use the default color style
* ASP: use the default color style and other improvements
* let objective-c win for .m files
* .mm is more likely Objective-C++ then meta math
* use notAsciiDelimiters only with a not ascii char
* optimize isWordDelimiter(c) with ascii character
* optimize Context::load
* use std::make_shared which removes the allocation on the control block
* add proper license to update scripty
* move update script for kate-editor.org/syntax to syntax repository
* SELinux CIL & Scheme: update bracket colors for dark themes
* POV-Ray: use default color style
* use krita installer NSIS script as example input, taken from krita.git
* add hint to update script for website
* Add minimal Django Template example
* update refs after latest hl changes
* CMake: fix illegible colors in dark themes and other improvements
* Add pipe and ggplot2 example
* fix naming error for varnish hl
* use right highlighting for 68k ASM: Motorola 68k (VASM/Devpac)
* fix XML to be valid in respect to XSD
* BrightScript: Add exception syntax
* Improve comments in some syntax definitions (Part 3)
* R Script: use default color style and other improvements
* PicAsm: fix unknown preprocessor keywords highlighting
* Improve comments in some syntax definitions (Part 2)
* Modelines: remove LineContinue rules
* quickfix broken hl file
* Optimization: check if we are on a comment before using ##Doxygen which contains several RegExpr
* Assembly languages: several fixes and more context highlighting
* ColdFusion: use the default color style and replace some RegExpr rules
* Improve comments in some syntax definitions, Pt. 1
* Use angle brackets for context information
* Revert removal of byte-order-mark
* xslt: change color of XSLT tags
* Ruby, Perl, QML, VRML & xslt: use the default color style and improve comments
* txt2tags: improvements and fixes, use the default color style
* Fix errors and add fallthroughContext=AttrNormal for each context of diff.xml because all rules contain column=0
* fix issues found by static checker
* import Pure highlighting from https://github.com/jgm/skylighting/blob/master/skylighting-core/xml/pure.xml
* fix kateversion attribute
* make highlighting lookup order independent of translations
* fix version format + spacing issues
* import Modula-3 highlighting from https://github.com/jgm/skylighting/blob/master/skylighting-core/xml/modula-3.xml
* fix version format
* fix spacing stuff found by static checker
* import LLVM highlighting from https://github.com/jgm/skylighting/blob/master/skylighting-core/xml/llvm.xml
* fix spacing stuff found by static checker
* import Idris from https://github.com/jgm/skylighting/blob/master/skylighting-core/xml/idris.xml
* fix faults found by static checker
* import ATS from https://github.com/jgm/skylighting/blob/master/skylighting-core/xml/ats.xml
* detach only for not freshly created data
* create StateData on demand

### Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

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