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Sat Oct 31 18:01:07 GMT 2020

On Sun, Nov 1, 2020 at 4:49 AM Christoph Feck <cfeck at> wrote:

> On 10/31/20 03:08, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> > This transition has now been completed, and going forward all access
> should
> > now be directed to
> Did I understand it correctly, that "deino" is the replacement for
> "milona", but shouldn't offer ssh/scp access anymore, but need to use sftp?

Deino is the replacement to Milonia yes.
The restriction on access only applies to packagers and those with accounts
for managing data on and
doesn't apply to ftpadmin.

> For what it's worth, I could successfully ssh login to
> ftpadmin at (using the credentials I used previously on
> milona), and could use mkdir/chmod in stable/release-service path,
> albeit response time was very laggy.

I've investigated that issue with response times and found that the network
adapter was extremely unhappy and regularly resetting itself.
Following a system reboot it appears to have been corrected, however we'll
monitor the system to confirm this is the case.

> If that's not the correct replacement procedure, please clarify.
> BG,
> Christoph

Many thanks,

> --
> Christoph Feck
> KDE Release Team
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