Include Konversation in Release Service for 20.12

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Tue Oct 27 13:06:51 GMT 2020

Dear Release Service team,

I would like to ask for the inclusion of Konversation in the Release Service 

Konversation had lost active release management two years ago, as life shifts 
things. Yet small fixes and improvements have been getting into the repository 
all the time, and of course it would be good to have those flushed out to 
users in a timely manner. Even more as long as IRC is still a thing for some 
While I stepped in in the last weeks to do some manual releases 1.7.6 & 1.7.7 
after the 2 years release pausing to give the current stable branch some 
release care and signs of vitality, I do not have resources planned to 
continue to do so, same for the other occasional Konversation contributors.
So as discussed on the mailinglist in September (see
pipermail/konversation-devel/2020-September/007074.html) Konversation would be 
candidate for getting releases cared for by the Release Service team now, 
please :)

Current master branch should be fairly up-to-date to modern coding standards, 
e.g. no usage of deprecated API of Qt < 5.15 or of latest KF, also using SPDX-
compatible license headers as well as Qt's categorized logging now.
So it's not some old body of legacy code kept on life care, but some brushed-
over well-working software with a stable feature base with moderate size of 
open bug reports :)

Please see for the current code here and give it a quick check for things if 
it meets everything that it should for being covered by Release Service:

For the version schema, current proposal is up at


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