Fwd: Re: SeExpr for Krita v3.4.4.0

L. E. Segovia amy at amyspark.me
Mon Oct 19 12:30:49 BST 2020

I believe the original intention of Disney was to prevent usage of their 
brand, but as I have mentioned many times previously, I am completely 
unable to reach Disney and figure this out.

Christophe - if removal of script.se is the path forward, then I believe 
this turns our fork (and, well, upstream SeExpr) unredistributable for 
sheer lack of files to compile. I don't know if we have a legal team to 
ask about this?

In any case, I'll defer to boud's opinion on the matter.

Best regards,


L. E. Segovia
amyspark 🌸 https://www.amyspark.me

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