RKWard 0.7.1 release candidate is available

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at kde.org
Mon Oct 12 10:13:25 BST 2020

On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 10:30 PM Thomas Friedrichsmeier <
thomas.friedrichsmeier at kdemail.net> wrote:

> Hi!

Hi Thomas,

> The RKWard 0.7.2 release is scheduled for October 16th. This mail is to
> inform you that a release candidate source package is available today.
> Barring any severe issues, this will be identical to the official
> release on Friday.
> This release brings a number of changes that packagers should be aware
> of:
> - RKWard now supports using QWebEngine instead of QtWebKit. QWebEngine
>   will automatically be used for compilation if available. Should you
>   wish to force using QtWebKit, pass -DNO_QT_WEBENGINE=1 to cmake.
> - RKWard can now load kate plugins (_not_ just ktexteditor plugins), and
>   these provide some rather important functionality. Thus the package
>   providing kate (or at least the kate plugins) should be made a
>   dependency, or a least of recommendation of RKWard.
> - In addition, kbibtex and pandoc will often by useful, and should at
>   least be suggested packages.
> - libintl is no longer a direct build dependency of RKWard.
> Release files:
> https://files.kde.org/rkward/testing/for_packaging/rkward-0.7.2.tar.gz
> SHA256
> <https://files.kde.org/rkward/testing/for_packaging/rkward-0.7.2.tar.gzSHA256>:
> 452350a4057d9dc87bb7c7e2f5c38b5cb9715b42141186b0e8c4a28e3dd2adf6

Please note that projects are highly encouraged to make use of
download.kde.org when making releases such as this, rather than
files.kde.org (as download.kde.org is built for distributing releases,
while files.kde.org is built for distributing binary assets for use on end
user systems)

> Regards
> Thomas

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