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Mon Nov 23 15:53:23 GMT 2020


On 23.11.20 16:11, Bhushan Shah wrote:
> Hello,
> So I have one question regarding the how we do the framework versioning.
> Namely the tags,
> So currently some packages have a versioned tags on their master branch,
> i.e
> karchive:
> ➜ git describe
> v5.76.0-1-g7304c28
> While in case of some frameworks where translations needs to be taken
> from svn, it is something super weird like,
> kdesu:
> ➜ git describe
> v5.2.0-234-gb7ba89f
> Some packagers who package -git versions in their unstable repos check
> the git describe to figure out what is current revision of the package
> and having "wrong" version there bugs out weirdly.
> Do anyone have any opinion on "merging" latest git tag in master branch?
> and potentially doing that for next releases as well?

At that point we could just have scripty push the translations on the
daily runs surely? There's little point taking a round trip through the
release scripting if we effectively end up having translations in the
repo anyway, so we could just treat them like the desktop/xml
translations and have scripty forward them from svn into git.

I'm rather +1 to streamlining the translation handling. At the same time
I'm not sure if only doing this only for frameworks is all that cool,
but then I suppose frameworks is the less complicated. *shrug* I guess ;)


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