KDE Frameworks 5.76.0

Caliste Damien dcaliste at free.fr
Mon Nov 9 08:46:56 GMT 2020


Le dimanche 08 novembre 2020, Allen Winter a écrit :
> @Damien: yes please. add a conditional compile check for libical
> 3.0.5 (better double-check that version)
Looking at when these new properties have been added in libical, I'm a
bit confused. It seems to me that they are present from 3.0.0.

They have been added in design-data/properties.csv by commit 7ca312deb
in 2016. I'm not familiar with libical internals, but as far as I
understand the CMakeList.txt in src/libical, the corresponding symbols
like icalproperty_new_color(), are created by the mkderivedproperty.pl
script that reads that design-data/properties.csv file. The v3.0.0 tag
is coming later than this commit 7ca312deb. I guess that I just need
then to use the USE_ICAL_3 CPP define in icalformat_p.cpp. Do you agree

Have a nice day,


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