Commit to fix regression in 5.70

David Faure faure at
Wed May 6 23:40:45 BST 2020

On Wednesday, May 6, 2020 9:59:38 PM CEST Veggero Nylo wrote:
> Hi,
> in this patch <> I made a mistake, for
> which system tray and notification would not have rounded corners anymore.
> This went unnoticed in my testing as it only showed up on a cache refresh.
> It took me a bit to realize the mistake and fix it with this patch
> <>. As a result of this, 5.70 was tagged
> with said significant visual bug. I'd like to say sorry for not noticing
> the regression during such a long time span. I would not like 5.19 to ship
> depending on a framework version with such visual bug, so I'd please ask
> you - if possible - to add the commit R242:1bc004e5c65f
> <>
> to 5.70.

Not sure it's worth a respin, but oh well, takes me less time to do it than to argue about it, I hope it's the same for packagers :)

plasma-framework v5.70.0-rc3
6cd229ac8ec44832c3ea83099c4b6d35ca8a8c8683b5dcdf788d225b37041f5d  sources/plasma-framework-5.70.0.tar.xz

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