Build failures with Qt 5.15 (was: www/sites/www/info)

Antonio Rojas arojas at
Sat Mar 21 00:46:19 GMT 2020

A number of packages fail to build with Qt 5.15 due to missing includes or 
API changes in the latest beta. Many are fixed in master, but not in the 
20.04 branch.

libkdegames: 043d6a24181d9affc45fdebc6c815ba69eda2f5c needs backporting
kdepim-runtime: d547b86f4dacb6c20ab797b67bc4960cd4f0d891 needs to be 
reverted (the API change was reverted in Qt)
konsole: 5ab73956898bdcbaeb3e29fefc70d8e47b2d5838 needs backporting
kolourpaint: 75f54996db67b4f6b6ab4d7c01c2cd1896ff5ac3 needs backporting
spectacle: 773d569d7c973d37fe29125ed32904ca70ce7749 needs backporting
filelight: 54eb43477276ef373e73923e1fcfc5a3cbfe2d73 needs backporting, and 
then still fails

El viernes, 20 de marzo de 2020 19:37:07 (CET), Albert Astals Cid escribió:
> SVN commit 1564536 by aacid:
> 20.03.80 releases

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