Proposed 20.08 releases schedule

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Fri Jun 12 16:56:53 BST 2020

Sorry I didn't get a chance to look at it in time.  Looks fine but the
tagging days are given with the day and date not matching.

I've updated "Monday, October 5, 2020: 20.08.2 tagging" (was "Monday Oct
6th") and the "Monday, November 2, 2020: 20.08.3 tagging" which was Nov 3rd.

But also changed "Monday, August 31, 2020: 20.08.1 tagging" which was "Mon
Sep 1st".  But maybe it should be the following week.

I've put the schedule into Phab calendar now (sysadmin says we are to keep using
this ahead of a move to using nextcloud calendar).

I also updated my Google calendar

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