KDE release 20.08.0 packages available for packagers

Christoph Feck cfeck at kde.org
Fri Dec 4 01:21:18 GMT 2020

Hello packagers,

today, two announcements.

First, the 20.12.0 releases are available for packagers,
*.tar.xz files at "stable/release-service/20.12.0".

Make sure you don't miss all the new tarballs,
see https://community.kde.org/Releases/20.12_Release_Notes
Please report issues, release is planned next Thursday.

REVISIONS_AND_HASHES at https://phabricator.kde.org/P649

Preliminary v20.08.3..v20.12.0 shortlog at https://phabricator.kde.org/P650

My public key at 

Second, on a personal note, I will no longer be able to
package future releases.

So the KDE release team is looking for volunteers to
take over the monthly releases. I will be available
for mentoring until February. Some command-line and git
basics are a requirement.

Please introduce yourself to the release team by replying
to this mail.

Christoph Feck

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