calligra/3.2 branch not yet pushed/created? (was: Re: Calligra stable version 3.2.0 released)

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Fri Apr 24 12:19:10 BST 2020

Hi Dag,

congrats for another release.

One question though:
I see you updated kde-build-metdata & repo-metadata to set "calligra/3.2" as 
new stable branch.

Just: there is no such branch yet pushed to the central calligra repo it 
seems? Any chance you forgot that? 

I noticed because I wanted to help out with having KDE CI adapt to the new 
branch (as currently KDE CI needs some manual help each branching time, sadly 
unknown/forgotten by most release managers), and now see the stable calligra 
build failing, due to no branch found.

BTW, as release manager of a product you want to make sure you can do the KDE 
CI care yourself, by requesting the needed "Start build" rights from KDE admin 
(do from and then on branching 
follow the guidelines given at
which links to


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