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Jonathan Riddell jr at
Tue Sep 17 14:25:41 BST 2019

At Akademy we had a BoF about defining KDE Applications

It had this definition:
""A service from the KDE community to periodically release independent KDE
apps, libraries and addons.

The KDE community will help with release promo, QA and deprecating old

Then on the naming there seemed to be some agreement to try the idea of
just calling it the Release Service which would happen on the same schedule
as currently and doing a periodic "Releases this month in KDE" announce
which would include all apps but be timed to happen on the same day as
releases from the Release Service when they happen.

It's not entirely clear to me how well this would work but it seems worth
exploring.  Questions I have:
-Is there anyone willing to coordinate monthly(?) articles on 'release news
this month'?
-Would they go on or or both?
-There might be quite an imbalance between announces with a Release Service
update which might have too much content and those without which might have

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