Heads-up: KContacts and KCalendarCore about to move to Frameworks

Volker Krause vkrause at kde.org
Sun Sep 15 11:19:14 BST 2019


as previously discussed here and finally approved during Akademy we will move 
KContacts and KCalendarCore from Applications to Frameworks. This should 
hopefully cause minimal disruptions as the versions then released with KF 5.63 
are drop-in replacements for the previously releases with Applications (same 
ABI, higher version number).

KCalendarCore will however rename its Git repo in the process to be consistent 
(kcalcore -> kcalendarcore). For kdesrc-build users not actively working on 
KCalendarCore this should be transparent, otherwise you might need to adjust 
the Git remote accordingly.

I'll inform you once this process has been completed.

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