Deprecating Old Amarok Versions

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Wed Oct 2 17:12:46 BST 2019

Nate Graham ha scritto:
> In general I think a policy of deprecating Qt4-only software makes sense. Qt4
> has been or is being removed from distros and nobody supports it anymore. Apps
> that didn't get ported after all these years are, for all intents and
> purposes, abandoned and dead. We can un-deprecate them if anyone ever decided
> to port them, but until then, I support deprecating all Qt4 apps--including
> Amarok.

That's a possible discussion, but this was not the point of this thread (which
is about the tarball of already released versions, please recheck it). My
comments are related to those requests.

Regarding this new, different topic that you just brought up for discussion,
and waiting for some words from the remaining amarok contributors, if I had to
choose I'd advise to not deprecate the current amarok repository (whose master
is KF5-based) until we switch to Qt6.


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