19.12 Beta releases tarballs are available

Antonio Rojas arojas at archlinux.org
Tue Nov 19 08:03:04 GMT 2019

El lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2019 23:29:29 (CET), Albert Astals Cid 
> El divendres, 15 de novembre de 2019, a les 23:43:42 CET, 
> Tobias C. Berner va escriure:
>> Hi there
>> I noticed three issues so far in the tarballs while building:
>> kate: https://people.freebsd.org/~tcberner/logs/kate-19.11.80.log
>> (fails to build, trunk succeeds)
> This one is actually a bit tricky, the problem is that the 
> packaged tarball needs a 
> on the root CMakeLists.txt otherwise the 
>    ki18n_install(po)
> injected by the packaging scripts will fail.

It also needs KDocTools, otherwise docs are not installed.

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