19.12 Beta releases tarballs are available

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Sun Nov 17 23:43:52 GMT 2019

Antonio Rojas ha scritto:
> El viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2019 18:19:19 (CET), Albert Astals Cid escribió:
>> https://download.kde.org/unstable/applications/19.11.80/src/
> Elisa also fails to build due to a duplicate ki18n_install
> CMake Error at /usr/lib64/cmake/KF5I18n/KF5I18nMacros.cmake:138
> (add_custom_target):
>  add_custom_target cannot create target
>  "pofiles-6f00cfa4e4a93b3e77aaec05f9877fd6" because another target with the
>  same name already exists.  The existing target is a custom target created
>  in source directory "/build/elisa/src/elisa-19.11.80".  See documentation
>  for policy CMP0002 for more details.
> Call Stack (most recent call first):
>  CMakeLists.txt:199 (ki18n_install)

I added it to the release tools exclude list which prevents the line from
being injected. Right now it's hardcoded, and I agree it should be smarter
(maybe with a grep).

As a side note, the guardian condition here:

 is redundant, because ki18n_install is a noop operation if the directory
passed as argument does not exist.


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