New Framework Review: KDAV

Volker Krause vkrause at
Sat Nov 9 11:33:54 GMT 2019


during Akademy there was a request to promote KDAV from KDE PIM to Frameworks 
for use by Plasma Mobile. KDAV is a framework that implements the CalDav/
CardDav/GroupDav protocol on top of KIO's WebDav support. It would be 
classified as a functional tier 3 framework.

So far we have fixed a number of obvious ABI-compatibility issues, removed 
QtXml[Patterns] usage from the public interface and relicensed GPL parts 
(apart from a bit of test code) to LGPL. The next step would be a more 
thorough review to identify changes necessary before becoming a Framework.

To avoid the last minute invasive changes we ended up doing for KCalendarCore, 
I'd propose the following timeline:

- identify and implement all necessary changes to the API and ABI until the 
20.04 Application release (that includes the still necessary move to the KF5 
library namespace).
- release KDAV with 20.04 with the final API/ABI that the first KF5 release 
will provide as well
- become part of the KF5 release in May or June 2020, release as a drop-in 
replacement of the last application release

In general this is following the same transition process that has been used 
for Syndication, KHolidays, KContacts and KCalendarCore as that should cause 
minimal disruptions for distributors, but if there's better ideas on how to 
handle this, now is a good time to bring this up :)


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